Heels So Comfortable You Won’t Want To Take Them Off!

Come and get the comfiest heels of the season! Who says that you can’t get a pair of platforms that look and feel great? Here at Spendless Shoes, affordable, trendy, and cosy shoes are our mission, which means you can always find heels that suit your needs. We have a huge range of options in 2020 that we’re sure will take your breath away. Today, we want to give you a look at our impressive selection of heels and get you feeling inspired for the season ahead. Who’s ready for a glimpse at our hottest styles? Let’s begin!

Which heels are the most comfortable?

We’ll preface this with a little disclaimer, because how confident and at ease you are in platforms is unique to you and your experience wearing them. Many women can pull on sky-high stilettos and party until daybreak, but there are just as many ladies who would struggle to walk or stand up in those same heels for more than an hour or two. But, we can tell you why certain platforms affect your ankles, calves, and legs more than others. 

The main cause of muscle strain from wearing heels comes from the angle of the incline and the width of the point. Block-based styles provide more stability and support because they distribute your body weight more evenly and across a bigger surface. In contrast, stilettos, pumps, and kitten heels place that weight onto a single point, which can cause pressure to build up. Similarly, styles with a steep incline cause your muscles to tense; this looks good because it defines your leg shape, but it will end up tiring your legs eventually. 

So, which heels should you be looking at?

To answer the question, short heels and styles with block bases are your best bet for long-lasting comfort. If you have an event, party, or special occasion coming up that you anticipate will last for a fair few hours, then we recommend seeking out kitten-high styles or ones with broad bases. Do you want to hear about a few of our favourite heels now? 

Mule styles are a fantastic 2020 pick!

This season, keep a lookout for versions of these slide-on heels that have square-cut toes, skinny top straps. Our minimalist designs will look perfect with party clothes and formal wear, and, because they have a subtle beauty, wearing them up to multiple events (even closer together) with different outfits will be no trouble. See if you like our crocodile-textured version of these heels!

Boots will work for you in any season!

Take a look at our heels and you’ll discover that Spendless has a soft spot for block-heeled boots. But can you blame us? Over-the-knee boots are striking and dramatic. Ankle boots with heels provide excellent protection for your feet while you’re outdoors, and they can give your ensemble a bolder feel. These styles fuse functional wear with fashionable styles effortlessly, and we think you should give them a shot! 

Treat yourself to a new pair of heels this season!

With our wonderful shoes there to take care of your feet, you can step out in confidence. So, why wait? Jump online and have a look at our spread of heels for yourself. If something from this article caught your interest, then it won’t take long to use our handy search filters and track the design down. Otherwise, feel free to scroll at your leisure and see which of our heels make your heart flutter! And don’t forget; our delivery to New Zealand is super speedy, so you’ll get to enjoy your new purchase even sooner than you could imagine!