Heels That Are Perfect For Winter And Spring!

Spendless Shoes has the ideal heels for winter and spring! Are you familiar with the gorgeous line-up of styles we have in 2020? Our trans-seasonal heels are the perfect choice at any point of the year. Pick the right pair from our collection, and you can wear them again and again with different outfits without getting bored of them.

We would love to help you find a versatile set of heels that match your aesthetic this season. With that in mind, we’re going to give you a quick rundown of a few favourite Spendless styles and help inspire your next shopping trip! 


You can’t go wrong with classic cocktail heels! 


Do you have a formal event on the horizon? What about a friend’s wedding, a family dinner, or a function with work colleagues? Our timeless dress shoes are the perfect pick, regardless of the season. These minimal designs come in a few different versions, and we have a mix of leather-look styles and faux suede pairs.

If you want heels that you can take from work to dinner, then our pointed-toed ones will be an instant favourite! Still, strappy and minimal cocktail heels will always be a hit with your formal attire. 


Self-tie styles are some of our most versatile!


The beauty of self-tie heels is that you can retie them until you’re happy with them. Instead of fussing over which outfit to wear and worrying about whether or not your heels will match, you can change the ties around until they look flawless. 

To put it in perspective, that means you will have no trouble wearing the same pair of self-tie platforms in winter or spring. You can lace these heels low to match long pants and skirts during frosty weather. Then, when the weather is warm enough for shorts, little skirts, or summery dresses, you can crisscross them high up your calves instead. 

The outfit combinations with these heels are endless, so grab a pair this season and start experimenting! 


How about some heeled ankle boots?


While many people think of ankle boots as style for winter and autumn, they are excellent trans-seasonal heels. Why are ankle boots good for different seasons? Well, there are a few reasons. 

During the colder months, heels like these offer full coverage for your feet, which can protect them from wind, rain, and the cold! Come springtime, that extra protection is handy outdoors. When you head off to an outdoor event, you will be glad to have heels that shield your feet from spiky plants, ants, and similar annoyances. 

Also, these gorgeous designs are perfect for fickle New Zealand weather. Don’t count your favourite ankle boots out in spring and summer; keep your mind open to the possibilities instead! 


Since we’ve mentioned boots, what do you think about thigh-high heels?


Like ankle boots, these shoes are popular during cold weather. We know our customers love over-the-knee shoes for their soft and warm faux suede material, dramatic look, and leg-slimming effect. Still, block heels like this can be a sweet spring look too! Floral prints and colourful jumpsuits look stunning with thigh-high boots because the block-colour can help balance the aesthetic.

Most people hate getting cold when they’re out to party, and even on balmy summer nights, a cool breeze can leave you shivering. But, with our over-the-knee heels there to keep you warm, you can focus on having fun instead of sulking about being cold. Plus, you know they’re going to look amazing with your cutest party clothes! 


Spendless Shoes has versatile styles at affordable prices!


Give your 2020 collection a boost with one of our trans-seasonal heels, and you’ll reap the benefits all year!