Heels That Every Christchurch Woman Will Love!

Searching For The Perfect Pair Of Heels?


Spendless Shoes has women’s heels to make any Christchurch local happy! With a broad assortment of colours, designs, and materials that can appeal to anyone, we understand how hard it can be to make your choice! Today, we thought the crew at Spendless might be able to help you along with a quick overview of our styles.  


Diverse options you cannot pass up


One of the most exceptional features that our women’s heels will bring to your wardrobe is versatile styling! Where some styles are easy to shoehorn into one setting or another, our shoes can be dressed up, dressed down, and reutilised for different occasions.


For example


Just take a look at our sling-back women’s heels! These gorgeous vintage shoes are low, practical, and the ultimate chameleon. They look great with denim skirts and a casual t-shirt on the weekends, with jumpsuits and party dresses, or with your everyday work wardrobe! Like so many of our other women’s heels, our sling-backs are simple, stylish, and happy to change things up for you.


Another fashionable look this year is our mule-style sandals. As a medium-high and conveniently quick style, it’s no wonder that mule-style women’s heels are a big hit! You can see the appeal, of course. The soft faux suede fabric is kind on feet during a long and busy day, and you could enjoy the natural comfort of our broadly-banded women’s heels in a professional setting without feeling sloppy or underdressed. Grab a pair of these sandals, and you can go from work to weekend at will!  


Add women’s heels to your corporate wardrobe


Are you looking for women’s heels to wear into work or around the office? Spendless Shoes has just what you need. After all, looking the part is a great way to feel the part! Just like a uniform helps students to get into the proper mind frame and focus on the day ahead, a well-put-together front for your office can do the same. Even something as simple as pairing off your stilettos with a cute top in the same colour can do the trick!


A must-have set of women’s heels for work has got to be our pumps! These trendy women’s heels have the same secure slide-on fit as our mules but in an even more classic corporate style! With slim women’s heels at a practical but flattering height, these are the ideal pick for any office worker! You could pick a lovely faux suede finish or even a mirror-like patent. These women’s heels are an excellent way to heighten your work outfit and add a beautiful finishing touch!


Dressed to impress?


If you have a formal occasion such as a wedding, work event, birthday party, or other celebration on the way, then women’s heels are just the thing to finish off your look! You could have style featuring some sparkly rhinestones across the straps, or women’s heels with a shiny metallic cover!


For long events, the women’s heels we have to recommend are those with broad bases. A thick platform or block base is the perfect way to add a few extra hours of comfortable wear. That way, you can get more than your fair share of dancing in as well!


Try a lovely lace-up style, or some trendy summer espadrilles, for the latest look!


Which women’s heels will suit you?


You’ll only know if you come and shop at Spendless Shoes! Browse the range by colour, height, or even design. Order today, and a package with your next purchase will be at your door in no time. The fabulous women’s heels at Spendless Shoes this season are all waiting for you!