Heels That Will Get You Feeling Good!


Do you want to feel good and look fantastic the next time you go out in heels?

Spendless Shoes has got your season set to go with our sensation assortment of styles! We’ve got styles high and low, wide and skinny, plain and decorative, modern and classic, and everything else you could want! It doesn’t matter what sort of occasion you’re shopping for either; Spendless has heels that will be gorgeous casual or formal wear. If you’re ready to kick off the season in your best new set of shoes, then it’s time to check out what we have on offer! To give you a head start, we’ve put together a quick list of heels which could contain your dream pair.


Stand out with fluorescent styles 


If you want a look that can make people stop and stare, then our bold stilettos are the way to go. The heels come in either fluorescent yellow or pink, both of which can take your look to the next level. We can’t think of anything that could liven up your little black dresses and jumpsuits any faster than these bright heels! While luminous yellow and pink are meant to stand out, they can still complement the colourful floral patterns that are so popular in spring and summer. Not to mention, you’re sure to love the strappy style of these heels.


Self-tie fastenings are in, so don’t miss out!


You cannot refuse yourself these gorgeous looks! Our faux suede block hekels come with long laces that can make your calves look slim and slender. You can crisscross their bands up to your calves or keep them bunched low on the ankle, but our self-tie heels will look beautiful either way. The best part about these shoes is the fact that they are dressy enough for special occasions and fun enough for casual wear. As such, you’ll be able to discover (and invent) an enormous number of outfit combinations with these strapped heels. Who wouldn’t love having that much creative freedom?


Grab styles with animal print


This season, the fashion world has gone wild for heels in animal print. No one can get enough of leopard spots or sleek snakeskin, so we’ve brought in a whole collection of spotted and scaly heels for your enjoyment. We have to recommend a pair of these for your wardrobe this collection, especially if you feel like your collection could use a style update. We have both stilettos and block heels in these eye-catching animal patterns, so the choice is all yours! Also, if you’re interested in hair accessories to match, then our patterned scrunchies would be the perfect pairing with these shoes too!


Booties are lovely for ladies who love cut-outs!


These heels are a natural pairing with denim skirts and shorts during the hot weather. The broad platforms support your feet, while the half-enclosed style creates a cool profile for your feet. Our favourite versions of these heels include ones with laced uppers, hole-punched texture, and woven material. We think these are a fresh alternative to classic minimalist styles, and that their bohemian vibes can bring the perfect finishing touch to a semi-formal outfit. So, if you want heels that can help define your look, then grab some of our structured booties.


Find your ideal heels at Spendless Shoes today!


We’re sure we can guide you to something amazing. But remember, we’ve got heaps of different shoes for you this season including flats, sandals, trainers, and other styles too. Whether you’re looking for heels or not, Spendless Shoes has got something great for you to add to your wardrobe. Besides, you’ll always have fun spending less on our styles!