Help your family beat the cold weather with our boots

Well, hello there. Since you've taken the time to read this article today, we can assume you are on the hunt for a brand new pair of boots. Look no further. Spendless Shoes has a line-up of the best styles for kids, women, and men. We have all the best shoes for cold and wintery days. Dress shoes, casual footwear, rain-resistant boots and so much more. So, shall we begin?


As much as we love them, dress shoes and stilettoes are not always the best event footwear in the cold. It is all fun and games until someone's toes start going blue. Thank goodness for dress boots. For the gentlemen, Spendless has pull-on and lace-up styles you can choose. With fitted pants and a sharp jacket, these will work a treat. Ladies can turn their attention to our line of heeled boots. These range from ankle-high to the full thing-high and make an edgy combination with the right dress. Kids will find their styles are mostly doppelgangers of the adults, but many bearing more decoration and velcro alternatives.


Casual wear is where our selection of boots stand out. Girls can find boots with bows, flower or butterfly motifs, and styles with fabulous faux fur for added warmth. Boys can find the best comfort when they wear styles with padded collars or flexible elastic side gussets.

Some of our basic styles get their fair share of love from all of our customers. For instance, men and women get their choice on a variety of fantastic Chelsea boots— stress-free, trendy styles, that come in a range of colours. These shiny, leather look boots are incredibly versatile and work with formal attire as well as they do with casual.

Waterproof boots

Not sure whether the Wellington weather will get wetter? Try some of our lovely wellies! Tongue-twisting alliteration aside, Spendless Shoes has a vast range of styles for women, men and kids. At Spendless Shoes, we advertise our wet weather styles as rain boots, but if you are searching for wellies or gumboots, you are in good hands. We have tall and short boots to suit your needs and offer classic black and fun prints and patterns alike.

They are easy to clean and perfect to throw on for a quick trip to the shops, or for a day out and about in the wild and windy weather. In any case, our rainboots will have you singing in the rain, rather than hysterically crying in the rain when you realise you have trashed some new water-weak shoes.


You didn't think we would end this without a slipper cameo, did you? At Spendless Shoes, we have slippers and uggies to fit the whole family. Our ugg boots are gloriously soft inside and out.

Protect little toddler feet from the biting cold with our velcro booties. Older kids will find slippers with cute characters and designs embellished on the front. Most of these are for indoor wear only, but our sturdier styles can handle some trips outside, thanks to the firm sole. For men, women and kids, we have both tall and short ugg boots. The tall ones are good for keeping your feet, ankles, and calves toasty warm. When socks can't cover it, and your floors are feeling frosty, our shorted slippers are the perfect go-to.

And there you have it! At Spendless Shoes, we have style to fit the whole family. Don't let the cold weather bring your mood down! Take control of your footwear and opt for some of our fantastic boots. With so many styles to pick from, you are truly spoiled for choice. Why wait? Find your perfect pair when you shop online with Spendless Shoes.