Here are the School Shoes Needed All Year

As parents or guardians, you must equip your child for all weather conditions at their learning facility. So make sure your children have the best pair of kids' school shoes from Spendless NZ. New Zealand is known for its extreme weather, where some people claim you can experience all four seasons in one day.


That's right! Spendless school shoes like black school shoes are known for being one of the top brands in all schools. We have a range of comfortable black school shoes and sports shoes for girls and boys, featuring leather lace-ups and easy slip-on options.


Children are always on the move at school, and our shoes offer great comfort and ankle support, but more importantly, they are built to last. If your cart is empty, fill your shopping cart with these items. You can never go wrong with this durable, protected, and covered-to-your-feet.


These black school shoes will guarantee you to walk for long hours, not only for boys and girls but even for a toddler. Spendless shoes will help you to find the right shoes by using clear filters. Click Clear filters and search boys, girls, and baby categories.


Collect and add your order to your shopping cart, then pick the order number. Our kids' school shoes are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. They're ideal when you need to get around the classroom quickly and make an impression on everyone.


To make choosing less stressful, we'll give you a rundown of the available kids' school shoes at Spendless New Zealand. But first, let us explain the significance of purchasing the correct pair for your child.


Why It's Important to Wear Appropriate Kids' Schools Shoes?


Kids' school shoes are essential for most children. They are worn all day, every day, to and from trips, functions, and events.


  1. Shielding Their Feet from Inclement Weather.


We all want the best for our children, including the correct pair of kids' school shoes. By choosing footwear from Spendless NZ, your child can run and play freely around the playground, whichever the weather. Be it sunny or rainy, our kids' school shoes will provide stability to prevent them from accidentally slipping.


No adverse weather condition can stop them from having the time of their life. You have no control over what might happen once they are outside the house, but knowing that our footwear will protect them will give you peace of mind. Use water and stain protective spray available in our foot care section to shield the footwear from the elements.


  1. Provides Support and Traction.


After a full day of classes, no parent or guardian would want to see their children coming home with bruises and scuffed knees. Kids' school shoes should be made of the best material and design to give them a firm grip on slippery surfaces. Spendless NZ would not want your children to have accidents since we care about their well-being and safety. So to ensure no accident befalls them, purchase a pair of kids' school shoes from us.


  1. Allows for airflow.


With as many sweat glands as adults, there should be a way for children's feet sweat to escape. By selecting kids' school shoes from Spendless New Zealand, you provide your children's feet with the airflow they require on a hot and active day in their learning facility. No need to look far because our footwear in Spendless New Zealand ensures moisture can escape preventing bacteria and fungi build-up.


  1. Gives adequate coverage.


The thick and robust soles of the kids' school shoes from Spendless New Zealand should shield your child's feet from treading on anything sharp and pointy. Additionally, total foot coverage will reduce the likelihood that foreign objects like gravel or tanbark may become trapped inside the footwear.


5 .Comfortable.


Parents and guardians know that comfort is a top priority when choosing the kids' school shoes your child will wear to class. Spendless NZ recognizes its value and offers a variety of high-quality, comfortable footwear for children of all ages.


Our extensive selection of items guarantees that you will find the kids' school shoes your child deserves, which are both comfortable and stylish.


Fastenings and Materials


Fastenings keep your child's pair of kids' school shoes in place so they can actively participate in activities. It would be a nightmare to discover your child scraped their knees because they were running around and the footwear accidentally came off.


Spendless NZ provides laces, touch-fastening straps, and buckles. Choose a pair with the best fastenings to protect your child's feet. In addition, fastenings help to readjust the kid's school shoes, perfect for your child's constantly developing feet.


Younger students opt for touch-fastening or buckled because it's easier for them to complete. However, most preteens, teenagers, and adults favour lace fastenings in kids' school shoes because they are old enough to tie them. Regarding materials, Spendless NZ recommends going for our vegan-friendly kids' school shoes instead of their leather counterparts.


Making the switch to vegan-friendly footwear has many advantages. Agree! These durable shoes are affordable in price. The price is suited to your budget. Doing so is beneficial for the environment and its inhabitants.


For one, you could help preserve the distinctive wildlife found in New Zealand. For example, vegan-friendly kids' school shoes did not use animal products in their production. Leather, meanwhile, used skin from animals such as goats, sheep, and cows.


In addition, vegan-friendly footwear does not pollute or have a high carbon footprint, unlike leather. The weather-resistant material of vegan-friendly kids' school shoes is suitable for New Zealand's erratic weather.


Sizes and Colours


Spendless NZ offers a selection of kids' school shoes in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Refer to our size guide for a better understanding of the Spendless NZ sizing. In addition to the main chart for children, two more charts categorize kids by age: Junior/Pre-Teen and Pre-Walker/Toddler.


Clear filters will guide you in choosing sizes and colours. Collect all styles at the store nearest you. To ensure that your children wear the right size pair of kids' school shoes, we advise you to take precise measurements of each child's feet in length and width. Your child's comfort depends on how well-fitted their footwear is.


Spendless NZ offers kids' school shoes in the following colours: black, blue, brown, orange, pink, purple, and white. Please check the dress code guidelines to confirm if they accept other colours since most educational institutions prefer black. Black school shoes are very trending. All schools are very particular in black schools' shoes. You can travel worldwide.


If not, maybe you can choose the more colourful kids' school shoes on casual and dress-down days.


Go Out and Get a Pair Now!


Looking at our website, we have a range of options under the categories of boys and girls. The store opening hours can also be seen on this site. All shop is the same opening hours.


Armed with all the information we shared, you are ready to get a pair of kids' school shoes perfect for the whole year, or most of it. Head to the online shop of Spendless NZ or the stockist nearest you. Sign in to your account and check the status of your account.


Then place your order, and click again to buy items. The price will appear. Choose delivery or pick up and add to your shopping cart. Sign out after you order.


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