Here’s How Mens Sandals Have Been Re-Invented

Men's Sandals Styles


Men’s sandals are one style of shoes that will never go out of trend. The craze tends to taper off in autumn and winter, but a favourite pair will always be lurking close by or at the door for a fast rediscovery. And, since they’re in season, it’s only fair that we have a look at men’s sandals now.


Here’s a quick look at the evolution of men’s sandals and the kinds you’ll want to add to your collection.


Keep up with the latest trends


Fashion trends, especially shoe styles, follow what we call a “quarterly cycle”. Every twenty to twenty-five years or so, a shoe trend rolls back around because people have had time to be nostalgic. This summer, the best example of this with men’s sandals would have to be our slides.


Slide into the best looks this season


These men’s sandals have come full-circle and back out of obscurity, making a name for themselves in all of our departments in 2019! You’ll find great versions for all ages and genders at Spendless Shoes.


With an easy slip-on style, these men’s sandals are a choice for comfort, featuring grooved innersoles for optimal support, airy peep-toes so that your feet don't get sweaty, and some trendy retro stripes across the thick top band for an energised feel. As a pair to throw on or take down to the shops, beach, or a mate’s house, there’s no better option!


Get a great set of gladiators


Gladiators are another essential style of men’s sandals that have had a new lease on life signed off for them in 2019. As shoes that toe the line between casual and dressy summer styles, these certainly pick up points for their styling flexibility. Side cut-outs and panelling allow for breathability, but since our gladiator men’s sandals are mostly enclosed, they’re favourable in smart-casual setting and semi-formal outdoor venues during the warmer months,


The smooth and classic leather finish on these men’s sandals makes styling easy. With a nice shirt and some of your best shorts, you’ll look great and beat the heat at the same time.


Enjoy refined designs


If there’s one thing about beach shoes that could drive you insane, it’s how flimsy they can be. Some cheap and easy PVC thongs might be perfect for the surf, but if you’re trekking out around rock-pools, into deceptively deep seaweed mounds, or trying to keep your feet safe from shape shell fragments, then you’re going to need a sturdy pair of men’s sandals.


Spendless Shoes has reef-walkers that are up to scratch. These men’s sandals have soles designed for grip on slick surfaces. The touch-fastening straps feature on the back of the heel, by the ankle, and across the toes. Not only can you adjust your men’s sandals for better comfort, but you’ll have a hard time losing these to the depths of the oceans.


We’ve had over thirty years to perfect our outdoor men’s sandals at Spendless Shoes, and this is the result; robust, dependable designs that can take you further than ever before!


Wear them more places


One massive benefit of living when we do is how open the fashion world has become. If you want to know how men’s sandals have been re-invented over the years, then consider how much variety we have now. Before online shopping, global brands and real enterprise took off, the styles of men’s sandals on offer were ridiculously limited. Now, you have your pick of the lot!


Come and see our styles now!


With so many versatile men’s sandals waiting on the shelves at Spendless, you can find styles that suit your every need. Start your search for the perfect men’s sandals today!