Here's How to Get Your Kids to Look After Their School Shoes

What is your typical experience on the first day of classes after a long break? Is it smooth sailing or stressful? Several factors can contribute to why kids dread going back. They might still be in vacation mode, or they may not like their boys' school shoes.


Complaints such as painful and ugly are some feedbacks you'll hear about their footwear. The best way to ensure they will love and look after their boys' school shoes is if they are a part of the whole shopping experience.


Having a voice and getting what they like will encourage them to make the school shoes last longer. If they realise that the lifespan of their favourite black school shoes depends on how they care for them, they will feel responsible and do it willingly.


How can you get your kids to look after their school shoes?


Our team at Spendless New Zealand has gathered some ways you can encourage and motivate them to do it.


Read on to learn more!


Explain Why Wearing Proper KIds' School Shoes is Beneficial to Your Kids


Your kid will love and look after their school shoes once they realise what the footwear does to help make their educational experience better.


Here are some reasons you can tell them:


  • Shield their feet from the weather.


Tell your kids their school shoes will allow them to run and play in the playground without worrying about adverse weather conditions like rain and cold. New Zealand's erratic weather can be concerning at times, but knowing that school shoes from Spendless New Zealand will protect them from accidents will give parents peace of mind.


  • It gives them the support and traction they need to move about securely. 


No guardian or parent would ever want to see their kids return from classes with cuts and scraped knees. Once they learn that their school shoes are responsible for keeping them safe, they will be grateful and return the favour by looking after their footwear better. 


Footwear from Spendless New Zealand will give them traction and a solid grip on wet ground.


  • Boys' school shoes will provide ample airflow for their feet. 


Ask them if they ever feel uncomfortable when their feet sweat. Explain to them that when they participate in activities, especially on hot days, their feet sweat a lot, and the only way they can feel fresh is through their school shoes. 


This, hopefully, will make them realise how the footwear aids them in getting through the day. 


  • Enough foot protection will shield their feet from sharp objects.


Explain to your child that the school shoes protect their feet from harm while they play and run around. Tell them they should take good care of the footwear that allows them to have fun while running around. 


The boys' school shoes from Spendless have thick, durable soles that keep sharp objects at bay. Give your child the comfort they deserve. Comfortable school shoes take the issue of sore feet out of the picture.


 Let Your Child Choose His Style of School Shoes


Your child must believe that their choices and ideas are essential. One way for them to value their boys' school shoes is if they choose the footwear themselves. It conveys that you think they can care for themselves, boosting their self-confidence and independence. 


For their part, they will likely prove to you that they are responsible and look after their school shoes. Transform this annual task into something your son will look forward to each year—something fun and memorable. 


By shopping for school shoes at Spendless New Zealand, your child will have several styles from which he can pick. Whether lace-ups, pull-on boots, or double straps, he will be proud to say that he had a hand in selecting his boys' school shoes and will take care of them well. 


Make shopping for School Shoes Boys Would Appreciate.


Kids love to play games, so turning an activity he might dread every year into something he'll love will make him treasure the result. The pair of school shoes will often remind him of fond memories, which is enough reason to take extra care of them. 


Make it like a treasure hunt where you provide them with specific characteristics to find. Spendless New Zealand has compiled a list of things you and your child should look for when purchasing school shoes. 


Here are some of them.


  • Buy School Shoes with the best fit.


Their boys' school shoes must fit them well in length and width. Before purchasing, accurately measure each foot in both directions. It's important to take accurate measurements of both feet because most kids have one foot much longer or wider. That assures your kid's feet are covered and protected at all times!


Check the final size against the sizes in the Spendless New Zealand size guide o our website. 


We have 16 children's sizes, and we assure you there is one for your child.


  • Allow for plenty of space. 


Please leave enough space between the longest toe's tip and the top of the boys' school shoes to allow enough room for the feet to grow. The ideal distance is roughly 1 cm. 


  • Check if your child can wiggle their toes. 


If your child can wiggle his toes, you've found the perfect pair of boys' school shoes. Enough room for wiggling can give them space to spread their toes and avoid clawing, which can affect foot health in the future. 


  • Shop for school shoes in the afternoon. 


Normal things you do daily, like walking, standing, and jogging, can make your feet swell up by the end of the day. It's best to include that swelling in the foot measurement to get the perfect size for your child's school shoes. 


It's Time to Have Some Shopping Cart Fun! NO Top Brands of Black School Shoes Here!


 Kids appreciate it when people listen to them and spend time with them. Making shopping enjoyable will increase their appreciation for the school shoes, motivating them to take better care of themselves. 


They'll soon forget about black school shoes from Harrison, Roc, Skechers, Clarks, Nike, Asics, and brand Z. If ready, head to the nearest Spendless New Zealand store or our online shop. Top brands aren't always the best and are not easy on the budget!


With our flexible payment systems, such as Afterpay and Zip, you can buy your child's shoes and pay for them later, making the task a breeze for parents and their children (we also have girls' school shoes, as well as categories like baby, toddler, men's, women's, and anything in between!). 


Our thoughts are with you as you send your child off to his or her first day of school. Our price will always be affordable!