Here's How to Style Your Men's Casual Shoes for Both Work and Play!

Are you tired of looking the same way over and over?

Styling your men's casual shoes can be frustrating. Not knowing how to wear them for work and play can make you feel like your clothes are insufficient. But the trick to adding a new look to your casual shoes is not to buy new stuff. 

It's about discovering different ways to mix and match what you currently have.

Allow our team from Spendless New Zealand to whip up some outfit suggestions you can use with your shoes for work and play. It's like creating a capsule wardrobe that you can utilise on all the occasions you need to attend.

If you're ready to add new styling ways to your repertoire of outfits, let's start!


The sneakers are one of the most in-demand casual shoes from Spendless NZ. With versatility and relaxed style as the principal characteristics, it's no wonder guys save a spot for this footwear in their closets. 

These shoes are available in slip-on or lace-up styles. Knowing how to style either makes them appropriate for work and play.

For work

  • If your workplace does not implement a strict dress code, go with the brown slip-on sneakers from Spendless NZ with a navy blue suit and a white round-neck shirt. 

This shoe styling is also appropriate for after-work events, so you don't have to change clothes.

  • Use your white lace-up sneakers with a black long-sleeved button-down and grey chino pants for chill Fridays at work. You can head straight to the movies or dinner with this laid-back styling.

For play

  • Maintain a stylish weekend outfit by wearing jeans, sweats, and joggers. Choose your tops according to the weather - summer and spring shirts, hoodies, and bomber jackets for colder months.
  • Bring these on trips and vacations because they're versatile and match the clothes you bring for each activity—sightseeing, dinner, and island-hopping. 

Wear them with shorts, cargo pants, collared shirts, and short-sleeved button-downs. 

Lace-Up Ankle Boots

When you check out the Spendless NZ collection of men's casual shoes, you'll discover lace-up ankle boots (or (desert boots)?) available in black and brown. 

While there has often been a debate on which colour is better, each has its appeal and is appropriate for work and play. 

These casual shoes have laced uppers and a handy heel tab, which makes wearing them easier. And what sets these apart from other typical laced boots are the functional side zippers, which can secure you in them within seconds. 

It saves time and makes wearing them a breeze. 

These shoes' smooth, shiny finish makes them perfect for work and play. A critical tip to remember when styling your lace-ups is to match them with outfits you'll typically sport with sneakers. 

For work

  • These shoes are great with chinos and a crisp button-down shirt. Please remember that your pants must fall nicely over the top of the ankle boots to show a smooth silhouette.
  • Black jeans and a roll-neck sweater are excellent choices for laid-back Fridays at work. Add a bomber jacket to the look if the temperature dips lower.

For play 

  • Weekend brunches or backyard picnics call for outfits that consist of laced ankle boots, a white round-neck shirt, skinny jeans, and overshirts.
  • Never match these with baggy trousers. Slim or skinny cuts are the way to go. 

Men's Casual BOAT Shoes

Summer and spring are the best times for men's casual boat shoes, which you can call deck or topsiders. 

This Spendless NZ footwear has a thin, supportive sole and breathable material, which ensures you remain comfortable and steady while standing on the deck. 

Initially created to provide traction on wet boat decks, these shoes have become a trendy fashion statement for men.

Here are some tips on how to style them: 

For work 

  • These shoes are a great choice if your workplace has no strict dress code. They pair well with chinos and button-down shirts, especially on Fridays.
  • For a sophisticated workplace look, consider pairing your topsiders with a blue suit and a white linen long-sleeve shirt. This combination exudes elegance and refinement.

For play

  • If you're a frequent traveller, consider getting a pair of men's casual boat shoes. They're slip-on, which means you can easily take them off and put them back on during airport security checks. 

It's best to match this footwear with beachwear, tropical island outfits, or lake apparel such as shorts, striped shirts, and jeans for an unmistakable nautical vibe.

  • Use invisible socks when wearing these shoes.

Caring for Your Footwear

  • Maintaining your clothes is just as important as learning how to style them. After all, what good is it to know how to wear them if they aren't in good condition?
  • Take a few minutes to do these simple steps to ensure these shoes last long time. By doing this, your footwear will have longevity and look as new and gorgeous as the day you bought them. 
  • Using a water and stain protection spray upon unboxing creates an invisible layer that shields your shoes. It prevents stains and fluids from seeping through the material long enough to give you time to wipe them off. Since the protection wears off, you must reapply the spray weekly.
  • Give your footwear a good wipe-down every time you get home, including crevices and hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Never allow dirt to settle and cake on your footwear because it can ruin the material. Knock the footwear together a few times to remove loose dirt.
  • Storing your men's casual shoes in a shoe closet or rack will keep them from collecting dust. If your place does not have enough space, get shoe bags instead, which you can hang behind the door.
Apply What You Learned!

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