Here's the Easiest Way to Purchase School Shoes!

Shopping for kids' school shoes can be overwhelming if you are unaware of tricks that can make the task easy. 


Apart from having to do it with everyone else, which means long queues and everyone vying for the same style, you must know which elements can make your child's learning experience the best. 


How can you find time to learn all these things about kids' school shoes when you still have work, household chores, and errands to finish?


The kids' school shoes must be capable of making your child comfortable and supported, and they should not break down easily. We don't want footwear that will give in during their classroom and playground activities for their safety. 


If only days were longer, you would have time to dive deeper into your kids' school shoes and all your other responsibilities, but they're not.


The next best thing is to heed the Spendless New Zealand team's advice. We understand your plight and would like to help you with the easiest way to purchase kids' school shoes. 


Here's how:


Tip 1—Avoid the Crowd


Crowds can be a massive turn-off for parents on a mission. 


When you're out shopping for kids' school shoes with what feels like the rest of the population, you can feel everyone's patience wearing thin—factor in the fact that everyone has their children with them, which means tantrums and crying.


Having your child with you is critical when shopping for kids' school shoes because they must try on the footwear to check the fit. Imagine the chaos when all the children start crying in-store.


Because of this, we suggest an essential tip to make purchasing kids' school shoes easy for everyone: avoid the crowds! 


Since weekends are crowd drawers, we recommend shopping on a weekday afternoon. This way, there are fewer people to contend with.


More importantly, shopping in the afternoon is necessary because your child's feet are at their maximum size. You get to account for the growth in determining the size of their kids' school shoes.


Tip 2—Know the Features


The elements of kids' school shoes are like the ABCs to parents because they must know them by heart to get the correct ones for their child. Here's a list that will make it easier for you to remember the features:


  • The right fit requires you to measure each foot's width and length separately.

  • Leave a 1cm gap between the tip of the kids' school shoes and your child's longest toe to protect them from unnecessary rubbing.

  • Let your child fit the academic footwear while wearing the socks they'll wear with it—factor in the thickness of the socks when fitting them on. Ask them for feedback on how the kids' school shoes feel while walking around the store.

  • Test if the footwear has a roomy toe box by asking your child to wiggle their toes to ensure they have enough space to spread them naturally. Kids' school shoes with rounded or squared toes are preferable because they do not squeeze your child's toes, preventing them from getting hurt.

  • Fastenings or closures provide adjustability that gives your child control over the fit. Touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces do the trick. Not only do they adjust the fit, but they also secure the kids' school shoes so that they won't accidentally come off during activities.

  • Firm heel counters protect your child's feet by providing stability. This essential feature of kids' school shoes prevents excessive side-to-side movement of the heel. Besides maintaining proper foot and ankle alignment, heel counters contribute to the footwear's longevity by providing structural support.

  • The flexibility of the kids' school shoes must be until certain areas only. The footwear must fold where the feet fold when moving, and not further. Too flexible or stiff is terrible for your child's feet, especially during development.

  • Gripped soles in kids' school shoes ensure your child remains steady and stable. You should check for shapes on their soles, which provide the friction that prevents them from slipping on various surfaces.


Tip 3—Shop Online


How would you feel if you could get your kids' school shoes straight to your doorstep without moving an inch?


The good news is that you can! People are turning to online shopping for its convenience. Finding time to squeeze shopping for kids' school shoes can be stressful. 


But because of the internet, you can browse and compare styles while taking a break at work or home in your pyjamas. No more closing times to catch or go through traffic and commute because you can shop for kids' school shoes anytime.


Convenience is one of the many benefits you get from shopping online; you can also get discount vouchers and coupons. Only online consumers can use this benefit, making shopping for kids' school shoes an easy experience.


Tip 4—Involve Your Child


If you've heard of horror stories experienced by other parents who had to chase their children around the house to make them wear their kids' school shoes, you'd understand why you need to involve your child in the shopping process. 


Morning routines will be much easier if your child loves their footwear because they will wear it without hassle. It would be so different if they didn't like it.


As such, it's better for everyone if your child has a say in their kids' school shoes. This way, they would value the footwear more and take better care of it.


Tip 5—Shop at Spendless NZ


The easiest way for you to purchase quality kids' school shoes is to do it at Spendless New Zealand. The brand has provided academic footwear for years and knows it like the back of its hand. 


Spendless NZ kids' school shoes have all the necessary features your child needs to have an excellent experience in the classroom and playground. The footwear is comfortable, versatile, durable, and affordable. What more can you ask for?


Spendless NZ’s brand offers stylish school shoes boys and girls adore, and parents love the low prices. With our range of footwear, you can be sure your child will look stylish while securing the best in durability and comfort. For the complete package, why not compare our brand with top brands such as Harrison, Asics, Roc, Clarks and Skechers.


Follow Our Tips for an Easy Shopping Experience!


These tips will help you find the easiest way to purchase kids' school shoes. Head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or online store now! Sign up for or subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates and the latest news on shoe trends, store sales and discounted items.