Here's What is Important to Consider When Purchasing Boys' School Shoes!

Shopping for boys' school shoes can be a challenging and overwhelming task that parents face yearly, sometimes twice or three times, depending on how fast the child's feet grow. 

With so many options available, navigating the different features and deciding which style best meets their child's needs can be challenging. 

Whether your boy is a primary or secondary student, you want to ensure that their shoes will be comfortable, durable, and appropriate for the dress code. You must consider several factors to ensure your child gets the best style available! 

The question is, do you know what these factors and features are and how to check them?

Our team from Spendless New Zealand will help you sift through the various characteristics that need to be present when purchasing shoes for your child. Read on to learn more! 

1. The Right Fit  

Fit is one of the most important considerations when purchasing shoes. You must ensure that the footwear fits snugly but not too tightly, and there should be enough room for the child's toes to move freely. 

When checking for the right fit, you must first investigate the correct size of the shoes. 

Use the size guide for additional help, especially when converting US, UK, and EU CM sizes. (You can narrow your search by using the labels "baby," "toddler," "mens", and "womens" as exact categories or search filters.) 

Then, measure the child's feet in the afternoon to account for the swelling, or bring your child to the store so a professional can do it. 

Measure the width separately from the length, and look for styles varying in width because some children have narrower or wider feet than average.

Check for enough room for the toes to move, with about a thumb's width of space between the longest toe and the footwear. Use the toe wiggle test to confirm. 

As mentioned, it is a good idea to go shopping for footwear when the feet are most swollen at the end of the day, so you can be sure they will fit comfortably throughout the day and not feel tight later on. 

2. Material of the Footwear 

Consider durable materials when purchasing school shoes, as they are easy to clean and withstand everyday wear and tear. In addition, footwear made from durable materials lasts longer and can handle student-aged lads' rough and active use.

Factor in New Zealand's extreme weather, which may stress the shoes. Ensure that the materials can keep your child stable and their feet dry. 

When checking for suitable materials, inspect the quality of the materials of the shoes. The soles must be flexible and go with the natural movement of your child's feet. Stiff ones will not support your child's developing feet.

Evaluate the breathability of school shoes because feet tend to sweat, and their footwear must wick away moisture and be breathable to prevent foul odour and bacteria growth. 

3. Comfort

Comfortable footwear is essential for children who spend much time on their feet and are constantly active during the day.

Check that the kids' school shoes have these to ensure comfort: a padded insole for added cushioning, excellent arch support to maintain proper foot alignment and prevent aches and pains, and padded collars and tongues to avoid chafing and discomfort.

Confirm that the shoes are flexible and can move with the child's foot as they move. Size is a significant factor in comfort, so your child should try the footwear and walk around in them before purchasing. 

Observe if they are comfortable or wince while wearing them, and ask your child for feedback. 

4. Fastenings

When purchasing shoes, consider fastenings, such as laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps, because they secure the footwear and provide adjustability for a proper fit. 

While laces and touch-fastening straps allow your child to tighten or loosen the fit based on their needs, buckles are adjustable to some degree. Choose the fastening of the footwear according to ease of use, especially when dealing with children.

 For example, laces might be more complicated for a child to tie than touch-fastening straps. 

5. Design and Style

Consider the institution's dress code and the child's style preferences when choosing the design and style of the shoes. Here are the available kinds at Spendless New Zealand:

Style 1—Pull-On Boots 

School shoes that lack fastenings are easy for kids to put on and remove. They slip their feet inside the pull-on boots, and the elastic side gussets ensure a comfortable fit. 

Additionally, this range has thick soles that provide stability and traction, making them suitable for New Zealand's weather, where rain can leave the ground wet and slippery. 

Also, pull-on boots protect the feet from foreign objects and keep them warm and dry. This is a style of school shoe boys genuinely adore! But, of course, they'll soon forget those other brands they've been trying to convince you to buy!

Style 2—Double Straps 

These have two touch-fastening straps that secure them. These straps consist of two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface that locks when pressed together. 

The double straps have the flexible sole of a trainer and the formal look of classic footwear for uniforms. 

Style 3—Lace-Up 

These boys’ school shoes suit older children who can tie their laces. In addition, laces are the only independent fastening, so you can clean and replace them separately if needed. 

Spendless New Zealand has laces to add to your cart before you check out as a replacement. 

Laces secure the footwear while the child is active on and off the playground. Parents must ensure the laces are the right length so their child won't trip.  

Style 4—Sneakers 

These shoes' cushioned soles make them ideal for physical education, sports, and running about the playground. Though we have sneakers for all ages, this footwear is an essential pair of high school shoes for older students, given that they love style and comfort.

Step Up Your Kids' School Shoes to Go With Their Uniform

Investing in the right pair of school shoes is crucial for their many benefits: comfort, development, and overall well-being. 

Head to the Spendless New Zealand store or the nearest shop so your child can go to class in footwear designed for comfort and style!

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