High Heels You Need In Your Wardrobe

Must-Have Heels!


Is it time for you to update your shoe collection? Spendless Shoes has what you need! Our high heels have everything you could want, from old classics to the hottest looks of the season. Today, we’re here with a quick overview of some of our team’s top picks to help you get started!


Pump up your look


These classic high heels are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. As flexible as they are beautiful, pumps can pull-off a sophisticated occasion or make an elegant casual statement. The thin base on these stilettos adds to a slim silhouette and lovely shaping for your legs. Our pointy-toed high heels in this design can slip quickly on or off of your feet. Ladies who are always in a rush will appreciate the smooth transition for sure!


While these high heels aren’t the tallest of our styles, they are up there. If you would prefer something shorter but with the same look, then our kitten-style stilettos or sling-backs would be an excellent choice too.


Pointy-toed and block-based high heels


These are another pair that will suit workplaces well. The open middle provides style and good air circulation, while the closed toes should appease strict dress code rule. With soft faux suede materials and a stylish square buckle, block-based high heels are one look we can’t get enough of at Spendless Shoes! Try these in summer with pretty print skirts and dresses, or liven-up your plain work pants during wintery weather.


As before, we also have a shorter version of our pointy-toed high heels that could be the best weekend wear!


Have you ever tried mules?


If not, there’s no time like the present! These slide-in high heels are the ideal blend of casual and comfortable. Plus, we have some gorgeous options waiting just for you!


First, there are our sparkly mules. These high heels have soft fabric coated in tiny sparkles. As you can imagine, these are just the thing for formal occasions.


Second, we have trendy high heels with clear straps that will keep any ensemble looking fresh and fun. We’ll be recommending these cosy mules as an option at parties in 2019 since their broad base can handle the indoors or outdoors.


Bring the best boots


Every woman should have high heels suitable for all seasons, and nothing fits the bull quite like ankle boots! At Spendless, our ankle boots can be high or low, but all of them are block heels. That means you can always trust your shoes to stay safe and stable.


Our favourite fashion pick in 2019 include Chelsea styles with elastic side panels for extra flex, zip-up designs with feature charms or tassels, and studded shoes for a grunge feel. High heels like this dress up or down with the right outfit and should keep your feet warm, dry, and super cosy even when the weather gets foul.


Consider this:


What settings do you want to wear your high heels? Is there a specific season you’re shopping for, or would you prefer a year-round style? Are you style-hunting because of an upcoming event, or will your next pair be a more generic buy?


Whatever the answers, these are all important things to keep in mind before you start adding shoes to your shopping cart! By browsing with clear intentions, you can save yourself time when you search for new high heels.


Ready to look for real?


The high heels of your dreams are only a few clicks away! From boots to stilettos and back again, Spendless Shoes has styles to cater to anyone’s taste. Browse our high heels online now and experience fast and convenient service!