Holidaying At Bay Of Islands This Summer? These Are the Sandals You Need!

Affordable and Stylish Women's Sandals 

Finding the perfect pair of women's sandals is never a bore! At Spendless Shoes, we have a dream lineup for you to peruse at your leisure. If you are headed to the Bay of Islands this summer to kick back and relax or plan to spend hot days down at the beach or in the pool, then Spendless has women's sandals for you! Our fantastic range comes in so many different shapes and sizes that it's impossible for you to miss out.

But what kinds of women's sandals are the right pair for you? What sort of things should you think about while you buy? We are so glad you asked. Here is a quick guide to women's sandals from Spendless!

Materials to suit the situation

You can pretty much guarantee that if you take them down to the beach with you, your women's sandals will come into contact with sand, seawater, and everything else in between. As such, you should get something in a material that can handle it. Our synthetic thong-style women's sandals are an excellent option for this! These are sturdy, waterproof, and easy to clean. Unlike some of our other styles of women's sandals, our synthetic thongs can be hosed down or rinsed off in seconds and then left out to dry. Ideal for wear by the poolside as well, these thongs should be a dependable summer staple!

For something slightly trendier that you can wear on footpaths and out to stores, we have leather-look synthetics and faux suede women's sandals as well. These different textures can be a great way to add a fresh element to your outfit as well.

Our key styles and the benefits

Slide-on women's sandals are an asset in any wardrobe. When the weather heats up to unimaginable temperatures and even buckling your shoes feels like an effort, then a comfortable pair of slides will be a perfect choice! You can slip these off and on your feet as you need, without having to worry about fiddly straps or fastenings. Regarding style, we have women's sandals with sling-back elastic heels or ones with totally open backs.

Strappy styles or women's sandals with buckled fittings are also trendy for 2018. These easy-to-adjust shoes are as comfortable as anything and can slim-down your ankles and exaggerate the length of your calves. They are the perfect balance of functional and flattering.

The best decorations

At Spendless Shoes, we know how to dress up a pair of women's sandals! If you need something a little more chic and stylish, then a look with some glamorous add-ons will never steer you wrong.

First, we have diamantes and rhinestones. These have been incredibly popular this year, with a massive surge in casual wear. As such, it should be no surprise that our women's sandals have diamante-covered looks as well. With a lovely, sparkly finish, these women's sandals will work well as everyday wear out to a coffee date or lunch, as well as at semi-formal events in the hot weather. Plus, you can accessorise your women's sandals with some equally shimmery jewellery.

After that, we also have metallic features and beading. These make for a striking look on any pair of women's sandals. A glittery style might be better suited to a beach wedding traditionally, but types with metallic décor more than hold their own. We love these in all-white and all-black, but tans and beiges are also top favourites.

So, which pair of women's sandals will you be taking home?

Browse our entire collection today! Whether you're off to the Bay of Islands or chilling at home, Spendless Shoes has the women's sandals you need!