How Flats Have The Ability To Complete Your Workwear Wardrobe!

If fashion is on your mind this season, then Spendless Shoes has the work pair for you!


Our range of sensational women’s flats is diverse enough to suit any New Zealand shopper. Read on for our recommendations and a few things to know the next time you look for women’s flats.


Who could say no to guaranteed comfort?


At Spendless Shoes, we aim to make all our styles cosy and supportive. Women’s flats bring long-lasting wear every time you put them onto your feet, whether you’re on-the-go or seated behind a desk all day. The right pair of our shoes can take you from dawn until dusk and back again. What’s not to love about that?


We’ve reinvented loafers just for you!


Loafers are a non-negotiable item in the working woman’s wardrobe. These sleek and contemporary women’s flats are a lovely pick for anyone. Our wonderful shoes come in patent, synthetic leather, or faux suede. Each of the variations is black, which means matching our loafers with your current collection will be no trouble at all. If you need women’s flats to pair off with your most daring colour or pattern choices this season, then these shoes are made perfect!


Our self-tie sandals are another casual yet glamourous pick


Do you want to enjoy summer vibes all year? Pick up a pair of our strappy women’s flats! We think these are a prime match with culottes and clothing that cuts off above the calves. With their long faux suede laces and crisscrossing ties, these women’s flats create a leg-lengthening illusion. You can use these to dress down a formal outfit and add a fun feel to any aesthetic. Since these shoes don’t have covered toes, you’ll want to check your dress code rules before taking these women’s flats into work. Of course, if you can take these into the office, then you’ll get superior breathability and comfort too!


Don’t forget about prints this season!


If you want women’s flats that can add something special to your regular workwear, we have just the thing. Spendless Shoes has gorgeous women’s flats covered with animal print that will make your look pop! Our favourites have to be leopard spots— we can’t say no to such a vibrant and trendy pattern! However, you’ll also find some funky zebra stripes and slinky snakeskin to liven things up too. 2019 is the year for bold fashion statements, so our patterned women’s flats will add something special to any ensemble. Ladies who want to stand out at work for all the right reasons should consider these a must-have.


Did we mention that we have cold-weather looks too?


Boots may be fantastic women’s flats in winter, but they get forgotten about as a corporate wear option. Sandals and other open-toed women’s flats are an obvious spring or summer set, but the extra warmth and cover make boots a natural choice in autumn and winter. These women’s flats can be ankle-high to thigh-high, so they’ll fit any look or aesthetic. If you enjoy classic looks, then some sleek black ankle boots could be a sharp match with your favourite work wear. Otherwise, you could always spice your women’s flats up with a bold colour or grungy studs, and add some personality to your work clothes.


Don’t wait— shop the collection today!


Women’s flats are the ideal pick for any worker in 2019. Browse the options online at Spendless Shoes, and have fun spending less on your next pair. Delivery to New Zealand is fast and convenient, so your women’s flats will be on the doorstep in no time!