How Should My Men’s Sandals Fit?


Stop deliberating and start instigating your summer shopping trip. Spendless Shoes has men’s sandals that we know you won’t be able to pass up this season! Today, we want to take time and focus on the different sorts of fastenings available on your styles. The fit type may seem like an unimportant feature in the grand scheme of things, but you’d be surprised how impactful this can be to men’s sandals.


Don’t pass up a classic slide-on fit! 


Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple! Men’s sandals that you can slip onto your feet are essential as we head into the warmer months. When it’s too hot to be bothered about adjusting laces, straps, and buckles, then these will be a welcome change. The beauty of slide-on men’s sandals is the fact that you can kick them on or off at your leisure without a fuss.


So, what sort of styles might you expect to see with a slip-on fit?


Beach thongs are the natural starting point when we talk about these men’s sandals. Waterproof shoes are the quintessential summer pair, and the ones that you’ll be taking to the beach, poolside, or anywhere you expect your feet to get sandy, dirty, or wet. These men’s sandals are relaxed, durable, and a must-have for anyone. Not only are they an instant match with your bathers and swimming shorts, but they can also take you out and around on hot days too.


At the upper end of the spectrum of men’s sandals, we have Birkenstock-inspired styles and retro slides. These are more fashionable and a better pick if you need something that could go into a restaurant or other semi-formal venue. These men’s sandals look great with your dressy chino shorts and other formal attire. We especially love the cool dual-buckle feature and grooved soles of our Birkenstock types. So, if you want styles that can dress to impress during spring and summer, then the men’s sandals you need are these.


Next, we have our touch-fastening styles 


Were you hoping to find something with a more secure fit? Don’t worry, because Spendless Shoes has men’s sandals that you can trust to stay on your feet!


First, we have reef-walkers. Do you like getting outdoors when the sun is shining? Take these men’s sandals along on your next adventure. You won’t lose these in suctioning sand patches, powerful currents, or wild scrubland. The touch-fastening bands keep feet locked inside safely, but your men’s sandals can still be undone or readjusted with ease when necessary. Also, the thick soles and partially-enclosed design will keep you steady and provide air circulation. Men’s sandals of this kind are a great pair to take camping, fishing, or for getting out into nature during spring and summer.


Second, Spendless has gladiators for you to try too. We think that men’s sandals like these are another fantastic pick for casual and semi-formal settings, particularly if you might be heading to an outdoor venue. Gladiators provide more protection for your feet than Birkenstock-inspired styles, but they have the same calm and confident air. 


In the end, the important thing is that your men’s sandals are comfortable


No matter what design you decide to get this season, we hope your purchase from Spendless Shoes feels perfect for as long as you have it on your feet! Beyond other elements of look and function, comfort is what lifts a regular set of men’s sandals from conventional to amazing. Treat yourself to the best of our styles when you buy your next pair from Spendless Shoes. We know you’ll be happy with our men’s sandals, so come and find out for yourself!