How Should Sandals Fit?


Is safeguarding comfort a priority for you this season?

The best way to ensure that you stay cosy in your new women’s sandals is to get a pair that fits correctly and supports your foot in the right ways. Well, lucky for you, Spendless Shoes has got comfy styles in surplus! We’ve got an expansive collection of women’s sandals that will appeal to any person’s aesthetic, and so many variations that you can choose. When you come to buy footwear from us, we make sure that you’re spoiled for choice every time. Today, we’ll walk you through a few trendy women’s sandals that you should shop for this season, as well as the unique features to note from their designs. We’ll also treat you to some special tips that will improve their fit and comfort as well.


How should you women's sandals fit? At Spendless, we think they should change to suit your feet! 


Have you tried our self-tie styles? These faux suede shoes have been a massive hit over the past season. Our strappy women’s sandals come with long and lovely bands that can lace up to your calves. The beauty of the self-tie design is that you get to choose how low or high and how loose or tight you decide to do them up. As such, women’s sandals in this look can always alter to fit your best comfort. If you’re out partying and your shoes start feeling tight, all you need to do is retie them and keep going. You’ll be able to style women’s sandals of this sort to suit different outfits too, so you’ll get your fair share of wear out of these in no time!


While our flats are a much-loved choice, we’re also offering flatforms. These women’s sandals come with a flat platform, so you get the dressy look of heels without the stress-inducing incline. Take yours out to your next outdoor party or special event.  


Have you spotted our Birkenstock-inspired styles? 


If not, you should go and check these out too! With their natural slip-on fit and cool buckle feature, these are a popular choice for casual wear. As far as the comfort goes, our trendy women’s sandals in this look bring the cosiness with contoured innersoles. These built-in contours provide a comfy base for your feet, and while other women’s sandals have similar support, our Birkenstock designs take it to the next level!


Since we’re on the topic of slide-in women’s sandals, try some of our summer flats too!


You can fit dozens of these great flats from Spendless Shoes. We have variations with horizontal bands, crossover straps, and different decorations. If you appreciate the ease of wear of slide-in women’s sandals, then you’re sure to find your perfect pair in this selection.


Consider adding gel cushions or half innersoles


In our summery women’s sandals, we recommend these shorter inserts as an alternative to the full-sized foot care products. These gel and fabric inserts can slip onto the base of your shoes and support your feet throughout the day. If you’re worried about blisters on your back heel, you might try our special heel grips inside your women’s sandals too. All of these accessories can improve the feel of a style and lend a better feel for your feet. At Spendless Shoes, we recommend trying care products like these in your women’s sandals whenever you have a long day of walking ahead, but they’re excellent for long-lasting events too!


What sort of women’s sandals appeal to you? 


You’ll find all the styles we’ve discussed, and so many more, at Spendless Shoes today. Give your wardrobe a fashion update with our women’s sandals!