How to Buy Boots for Your Little Ones!


On the prowl for some fabulous new kids’ boots?

Browse the range at Spendless Shoes for your child’s perfect pair! Now, let’s get to it: 


Why might your little ones need kids’ boots? 


For one thing, these styles are some of the cosiest and warmest in our range. On cold and wintery days, you don’t want your children to be getting frosty toes. Our excellent kids’ boots will keep your children safe from the elements and free to play. 


We have an excellent range of trendy casual and formal styles, as well as some weather-specific ones. Spendless Shoes has pull-on and zip-up styles for convenience, and stellar colour range too. Depending on which category you go shopping for kids’ boots in, you will also find that Spendless also offers a variety of heights. 


Our top kids’ boots for winter


If you want the best styles of the season for your children, then you need to get some waterproof shoes. These pull-on rainproof shoes come in a few fun finishes, including rainbow sparkles, shiny black, and dinosaur print. Your children can splash these kids’ boots into puddles and cover them with mud, but once it’s time to put them away, all it takes is a quick wipe or rinse to clean them up. 


Some other snuggly options during winter are our slippers and indoor kids’ boots. These have soft fabric, fuzzy linings, and a super-lightweight design. Your children will love keeping their toes toasty inside a pair of these. We even have some tiny toddler styles. However, our favourite slipper-style kids’ boots for 2019 have to be our unicorn-shaped ones! They’re fluffy, squishy, colourful, and will add a fairytale feel to your child’s pyjamas. 


So, how do you buy kids’ boots from Spendless?


This article is for our New Zealand customers specifically, so we know there’s no way for you to visit one of our local stores unless you’re on holiday in Australia. However, we can offer some fantastic tips to help you procure kids’ boots from our online store. 


Are you shopping on a budget? 


If you need cheap kids’ boots, then our low price points are already enticing. However, we can make saving on your next purchase even easier. For starters, any and all of our discounted kids’ boots are flagged with banners and displayed in the sale category, so you can see what’s around quickly. Plus, if you join our email list, we’ll send you sale alerts whenever we’re running promotions. Instead of checking our website for deals and sales aimed at kids’ boots, Spendless will make sure you find out first!  


Searching is also easy on our website


Our filtering system also enables customers to browse for styles faster. If you’re looking for a specific brand, colour, or size, then you can select the relevant filters on the left-hand side. Once you have made your selection, our website will refresh and display the kids’ boots that meet your unique requirements. Returning customers who are looking to replace a favourite pair can also enter the name of the style directly in the search bar to find it again. 


We also offer some fantastic payment options


Spendless Shoes offers our New Zealand customers the option to pay for kids’ boots (and the rest of our styles) using a LayBuy account. LayBuy splits the cost of your payment over five weeks, so you have more time to pay back the amount after a big shop. If you’re waiting for payday but need your kids’ boots as soon as possible, then this flexible payment option is a fantastic choice. 


So, why wait?


If your children need some new kids’ boots, then browse the excellent options at Spendless Shoes!