How To Buy School Shoes For Ever Growing Feet!

Do you need help finding kids’ school shoes for your little ones? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Keeping up with growing children is a struggle that all parents go through, and Spendless is here to help ease the burden for you. We’ve been providing kids’ school shoes to students for over thirty years now, and that means we know a thing or two about them. Let us pass on some time-tested tips and what we’ve learned from our experiences over the decades to you this season. We’d love to make buying kids’ school shoes less stressful and more straightforward for all of our customers. So, settle in and keep reading, because we’re about to begin! Here’s what you need to know about getting kids’ school shoes for growing children.


Remember the name of design for next time 


If you become a regular customer at Spendless, you’ll notice that all of our kids’ school shoes come in a large range of sizes. By offering lots of bigger versions of our styles, we make it easy for parents to drop in and grab the next size up when they need it. If your kids’ school shoes have been faithful and reliable and you want to buy the same design again, then take note of the name so you can buy it again! 


Use our handy size guide to check the size you need


Our New Zealand customers may not have the luxury of getting their kids’ school shoes fitted in-store, but our online size guide should remove most of the guesswork. Our charts will assist you in comparing measurements for Spendless, EU, UK, and US sizes. We also provide details about the average age that the sizes should suit, so you’ll find the right kids’ school shoes in no time at all. 


Spendless transitions children straight into the adult collection


There’s no need to worry if your children are getting too big for kids’ school shoes. Our biggest children’s designs are only a teensy bit smaller than our littlest adult styles. In short, if you’re shopping for pre-teens, young adults, or a fast-growing child, then they can switch straight from kids’ school shoes to adult-sized ones. It’s almost impossible for students to shop at Spendless and not find something that fits! 


You can buy oversized kids’ school shoes, but you need to be careful


Lots of parents purchase big pairs so that their children can grow into them. For a start, this is one super simple way to avoid buying multiple kids’ school shoes for your son or daughter once they hit a growth spurt. However, there are things you need to keep in mind if you buy oversized kids’ school shoes. Getting a size that’s two sizes bigger than what your child currently needs means that there will be a lot of room to fill. Socks can only do so much, and if that space isn’t filled, then your kids’ school shoes can pose a few risks. The main issues will be the style slipping too often and causing blisters, over-bending at the toes and creasing the material, falling off if your child moves too quickly, or making students trip over. Luckily, innersoles are an easy remedy that you can place straight into your kids’ school shoes. With either half-length or full-sized innersoles to pad out the pair, students won’t run into these issues. 


Has this short article cleared some things up? 


Hopefully, you’re feeling better about finding kids’ school shoes from Spendless now. If not, jump onto our handy LiveChat or give our team a call, and we’ll do our best to assist you! Let us guide you to the ultimate kids’ school shoes in 2020!