How To Care For Synthetic Boots!

Do you need a helping hand to care for your synthetic boots?


Spendless Shoes is here to assist you! Our range of shoe care products will condition, clean, or brighten up your synthetic shoes in no time. Keep reading to get all of the details!


For starters, synthetic styles are already durable


The great thing about boots made from synthetics is the fact that they don’t require much attention or maintenance at all. Products with artificial materials are less likely to get scuff marks, have excellent water resistance, and clean-up well. In comparison, leather shoes are far more finicky. At Spendless Shoes, we have two fantastic shoe care products that can, and will, keep your boots looking as gorgeous as they were the day you got them.


Are you looking for a fast solution? Try an Instant Shine sponge!


At Spendless Shoes, our Instant Shine sponges are another fantastic care item for your boots! This no-mess sponge takes seconds to use and is astonishingly effective. If your mock-leather boots are dirty or dusty, Instant Shine will clean them up beautifully. Likewise, this product can get used on raggedy or scruffy faux suede styles— a few swipes with an Instant Shine sponge will smooth out the fuzz and have your pair looking brand new! These sponges work on all kinds of shades, so there’s no need to stress if you have a brightly coloured or patterned set of boots.


Give your shoes the best treatment with Dubbin!


While Dubbin is mainly used for leather boots, it is also excellent for treating synthetic styles. If your shoes are scuffed and roughed-up, then our Dubbin product will help them shine again. Plus, even a thin coverage will help protect your boots against water and seal in your shoes. Since this is a gel-like cover, we recommend using it on leather-look synthetic boots, as opposed to faux suede or matte designs. Using it on faux suede, for example, could cause the solution to get tacky! Find ways to restore your favourite boots instead of ditching your much-loved set into the garbage because of a few dirty spots!


Waterproofing spray is another option


If you want to give your boots an extra bit of protection during the wet weather, then this product is a must-have! All you have to do is give your synthetic boots a quick spray! Since the coating is clear, there’s also no risk of ruining your boldest and raciest Spendless boots either! Waterproofer works on all sorts of materials, from fake leather to faux suede, so it’s the perfect all-rounder item. Unfortunately, since our waterproofing spray is an aerosol, it is not available for order online. However, if you do live in an area with a local Spendless store, then we recommend that you get a can!


So, what else can you do to protect your shoes?


While our shoe care accessories can do the hard yards to protect and maintain your boots, there are some things you can do too! Namely, you should choose styles that you know are suited to certain weather and terrain types. Faux suede boots are often a warmer option than leather designs, but they are also the most susceptible to water damage. If you know that rain is forecast, then keep your faux suede boots inside or leave them at home! Similarly, if you’re headed outdoors and onto uneven surfaces, then you’re less likely to trip, slip, or get scrapes if you opt for flat boots instead of heels.


Keep your boots looking fabulous this season!


Grab our handy shoe care products today, or add them on to your next purchase! Have fun spending less on your next shop at Spendless Shoes!