How To Choose Your Perfect Pair Of Sneakers

Picking The Perfect Sneakers 


Stay fit this season with a new pair of men’s sneakers! Spendless Shoes has something to suit any setting and give you the most flexible experience. Here are the top tips and handy information to know before you start adding men’s sneakers to your shopping cart!


Try everyday men’s sneakers


Our trendiest trainers and joggers have less sole, more aesthetic, and providing a laid-back feeling look. These are your cool casual options, not a pair to take into the gym.


When and where can you wear these shoes?


Men’s sneakers make superior trans-seasonal footwear and should be a go-to on the weekends. You could try a low-cut look, but high-tops are also a popular choice at Spendless Shoes! These are a natural option for guys who want something flexible and cosy that isn’t a sandal or a set of boots.


While you might not be taking men’s sneakers out to five-star restaurants, our styles provide fairly flexible wear. If you want to dress down a smart-casual outfit, then some simple men’s sneakers can keep you from overdressing. Our streamlined styles won’t look sloppy underneath chino, and they’re an instant hit with your favourite jeans!


Do you want men’s sneakers that can push you further?


Spendless Shoes has the active style you need! Our classic designs will suit everything from team sports to solo runs and workout days!


Going active? Watch for these features!


Breathable mesh allows air to circulate in our men’s sneakers, so skin irritations (or smells) caused by sweaty feet should be a thing of the past!


The excellent grip on the base of our men’s sneakers will help you keep balance on slippery basketball courts and the like. While our specially-made footy boots are the ideal pair for games on a lawn, there’s no denying that our men’s sneakers can hold their own here as well!


Adjustable laces are another key feature crucial to the comfort of our men’s sneakers. Where some styles can e slip-on, you’ll always get the best support and fit with laced shoes, as they provide room to loosen or tighten to your preference.


Did we mention that they look amazing too? The sportiest men’s sneakers from Spendless Shoes come with streaks of vibrant colours for a bold and high-energy aesthetic. If you love designs with personality and some flair, then we’ve got the styles that fit!


Experiment with an in-between design


What do you do if you want men’s sneakers that can be active but also make a nice weekend pair? Our chunky trainers have got your sorted!


At Spendless Shoes, we understand to appeal of wearing active clothes on the weekends. Not only are they a cosy choice when you’re catching up with mates or running down to the shops, but men’s sneakers and gym gear also have a ready-for-anything feel.


If this sounds like something you’d go for, then try men’s sneakers with thicker bases and monochrome shades. You can kick back and enjoy the effortless wear of these shoes and workout when inspiration strikes.


Get men’s sneakers for the family


Do you want a similar style for your little man? One excellent thing about our men’s sneakers is the fact that you can find doppelgangers in the boys’ collection. If you’d like to get a matching pair for our child, then finding a trendy father/son option will be effortless. Some of the best looks you’ll see mirrored in the boys’ range are our retro trainers and sleek all-black designs!


Which sort of men’s sneakers will you take home?


Jump online for a look at the whole collection. Our affordable prices and stylish shoes will help you have fun and spend less. Treat yourself at Spendless Shoes today!