How To Choose Your Perfect Pair Of Zipper Boots!

Finding The Perfect Pair 


Today, Spendless Shoes is going to simplify zipped boots for you. We have a plethora of gorgeous shoes on offer and cover dozens of different trends. Still, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the numerous choices. Read on to learn everything you can about selecting your premium pair of zipped boots. But, before we start recommending anything, we have to cover some essential information:


Why choose zipped boots in the first place?


Ease of wear is a significant role of this fastening. Customers of all ages can appreciate the fast transition that zipped boots provide. While younger kids may find it challenging to lace-up or buckle their shoes independently, zipped boots are far more manageable. As such, most of our styles for children come with that sort of closure. Busy adults who don’t have time to stop and unlace or unstrap their shoes will appreciate the also convenience. Whether you’re running late during your morning routine or need one less thing to think about, grabbing zipped boots can reduce your stress levels nicely.  


This sort of fastening is useful, especially if you like decorative styles


You can’t deny that zipped boots are some of our fastest to get on and off of your foot. Our calf-high and over-the-knee styles are all zipped boots for this reason. Instead of taking ages to wiggle them up onto your leg, or engaging in a tug-of-war to yank them off again, you can unzip the side and slide into your shoes.


Zipped boots also allow you to get creative without sacrificing this practical design. At Spendless Shoes, our decorative styles utilise this fastening to make the embellishments accessible. For instance, many of our shoes with wraparound buckled straps have them put in as a feature (instead of being the sole fastener). That way, you can enjoy the look of these add-ons and mix trendy elements into the design without having to lose the simplistic fit. On the other hand, zipped boots with functional lace uppers allow you to alter the width and tightness of your shoes and maintain it so you don’t have to keep altering it.  


These can help you make a fashion statement too!


Did we mention that not all of our zipped boots are purely functional? At Spendless Shoes, we have trendy new styles that use zips as part of their aesthetic. One of our favourites from this season is a pull-on shoe with zips lining the triangular side gussets and the rim. Other zipped boots come with one moveable fastening on one side and an ornamental one on the opposite. Finally, you will also see that tassels and metallic charms are attached to our zipped boots for a finishing touch.


So, which will you perfect pair be?


Ultimately, which kind of zipped boots will be best depends on your personal preferences for all of these factors. If you want zipped boots that are your ideal match, then here are the questions to ask yourself before you start searching:


1) Do you think less is more when it comes to shoe accessories like tassels and straps?


2)  Would you like ankle-high or thigh-high footwear?


3)  What colours, patterns, and materials do you prefer on your shoes during winter and autumn?


4) Will your zipped boots be flat or heeled?


5) Are there any specific places or occasions you plan to wear these?


You’ll only find your perfect fit once you start searching!

Lucky for you, our New Zealand customers have access to our entire collection. Browse our latest looks online today and we’ll get zipped boots to your door in no time!