How To Dress Up Flats!

Let us teach you how to dress up your women’s flats! Spendless Shoes has been helping customers find the most stylish new shoes for over thirty years now, and we love giving a bit of fashion advice on the side too. Today, we’re going to go through a few of our best-loved women’s flats and the outfits you might like to wear with them. By the time we’re done, hopefully, you’ll be feeling inspired and ready to try out a few of these clothing combinations for yourself! We’ve got a few styles of women’s flats and different scenarios to tell you about. Now, get yourself comfy and keep reading! 


Want to know how to dress up women’s flats?

While our range is full of diverse and different women’s flats, we have a few generic tips that will help you dress up any type! For starters, picking the right outfit is crucial. Dressy or semi-formal attire can make your most casual sandals and slides look more elegant effortlessly. And, the best way to pair up women’s flats with more sophisticated outfits is to match the pattern or colour of them with your clothes or an accessory of some kind. For instance, you could pair leopard print shoes with a spotty scarf, or match leather-look slides with a black leather jacket. 


Want to know how to handle our best women’s flats? 


Trainers will keep you feeling comfy and looking trendy!

Trans-seasonal women’s flats like these are a prime pick at any time of the year. While they don’t have the same level of grip and traction as our sportswear, these sneakers still offer hours of uninterrupted comfort. If you expect to be out-and-about all weekend, then trainers are the ideal women’s flats to wear! Our favourites this season are mainly white and come with fun features like red and blue side stripes, leopard print panels, and even pin-punched patterning. 

These wintery women’s flats are a natural pairing with your favourite jeans (blue or black, Mom-fit or skinny, you name it!) and a long-sleeve pullover. But, if you’re planning on dressing these up, we’re also seeing women’s flats like our sneakers worn with denim skirts for formal events. Slim sneakers won’t look out of place with party clothes, they’re easy to dance in, and they will add a fun and relaxed vibe to your ensemble!  


Enjoy a semi-formal aesthetic with cute pull-on boots!

Do you want a pair of women’s flats that can bring together the relaxed vibe of boots with the formal feel of platforms? Here at Spendless Shoes, a few of our top ankle boots are women’s flats. Like the heeled versions of these pull-on boots, the sides feature stretchy elastic panels for a more flexible fit. The high-shine material offers an extra touch of sophistication, so you can use your new pair to smarten up an everyday outfit. We recommend pairing women’s flats with a leather jacket or bag in the same colour— this will make your ensemble look planned and well put-together! Dark pants and a stylish blouse (or knit) will be a smart match with leather boots too. 

Because they’re made of synthetic leather, our boots are perfect for stormy days. Ladies out in wet and windy conditions will appreciate the endurance of our boots, for sure! If you need go-to women’s flats for the weekend, then popular boots like these are the way to go. 


Who’s ready to dress up their women’s flats of 2020?

Not only do we have an enormous and diverse selection of styles ready for our customers, but we also have some of the lowest prices around. When you shop with Spendless Shoes, treating yourself to a handful of the hottest new women’s flats won’t leave you hurting for cash!