How To Dress Your Block Heels Up For A Night Out

Do you need better styling tips for block heels? One of the best things about wearing classic platforms is that they instantly match most outfits.


Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can find new ways to dress up your block heel sandals, especially if they come in a trendy colour or texture that you haven’t worn before. Today, Spendless Shoes will walk you through a few different ways to dress up your stylish new pair of womens block heels.


We won’t keep you waiting— let’s get to it right now!

Make Sure That Your Outfit Suits Your Block Heels!


With some casual shoes styles, the type of outfit you wear will barely matter. Take our self-tie block heels or lace up boots as an example. Since you can choose how high or low you want to loop the laces, you can control how well they match your clothes.


For instance, when you wear long pants, you can tie up your womens block heels

 at your ankles to don’t get covered up. The critical thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for outfits to pair up with your casual shoes like flat sandals, low heel dress shoes and comfort block heel, is whether or not you’re going to cover important features.


There is no point in matching mid heel sandals or  block heels with cute features on the ankle if they get hidden under your hem! Consider the material of the clothes you want to wear out.


While our casual shoes, block heels, are always the top choice for support, balance, and long-lasting comfort, they might look clunky underneath certain materials. If your outfit has sheer, silky, or flowing fabric and looks lightweight, thick platforms could look bulky.


We recommend you grab block heels with a slim side profile in this instance. Our favourites are ones that you can only see the width of from the back since they will keep your casual shoes profile looking sleek and slender!

Pick A Style That You Can Accessorise!


Matching accessories with your new block heels and our other block heel sandals

such as black microsuede , nude microsuede, and nude microsuede,  is an easy way to make your overall outfit feel more fashionable and put together. So, what do Spendless Shoes have to offer you?


Our cute clutches, gorgeous earrings, and other fashionable add-ons like hair clips and scrunchies can all match with your block heels or your flat sandals. We love being able to pair up different parts of an ensemble, and since all of our categories get updated with new trends every season, there’s always heaps of crossover.


Our clear hair coil will be perfect if you need something to match with see-through block heels and strappy heeled. Your colourful pastel platforms come in similar shades to our cute hair scrunchies.


Classic block heels , peep toe dress shoes, and stiletto heels in beige, black, white, and metallic shades always have something in our range of clutches that will work with them. Of course, when it comes to accessorising your casual shoes, we’re not just talking about jewellery, bags, or hair scrunchies!


Most people will take a jacket or coat to be safe (even if you take it off after the first five minutes!). You won’t struggle to find a leather jacket, faux suede coat, or cardigan that matches a pair of our knee  block heels. Same vibe as knee high boots, lace up boots, leather boots, and heeled boots with leather jacket. Can you see anything in our range that would fit a jacket or hide in your current wardrobe?


Keep Low For Casual Outings And Save High Block Heels For Formal Venues!


If you’re looking for a pair of platforms that you can use to give your favourite casual top and jeans a style boost, then our short styles are ideal.


Not only are these going to be the most straightforward block heels,  black microsuede. black leather casual shoes, and black patent to wear to dinner with friends, backyard parties, and similar places, but they also won’t look awkward or mismatched with your everyday clothes.


The higher your block heels or dress shoes are, the more formal and dressy your outfit will feel. So, save the tallest platforms in your collection for weddings, work functions, and fancy venues.


Spendless has an impressive selection of different heights available, which means finding block heels in your ideal size is never a challenge.


Plus, since we know how great it is to have your favourite style in a short and tall version, many of our most popular designer brands come in a high and low pair! How fantastic is that? 


Now Is The Perfect Time To Shop For Your New Block Heels!


Did you know that you can buy block heels  now and pay later when you shop at Spendless Shoes? We are always looking for ways to make ordering styles for your block heel sandals, heel shoes, leather heels, stiletto heels, and other casual shoes  from our online store simpler and more attainable.


As such, we’ve brought in new payment methods like Laybuy as an option for our New Zealand customers. Are you familiar with how Laybuy works and how you can use it to order block heels from our store?


Well, as long as you have an existing Laybuy account, you can place your order with us and then select Laybuy as your payment method at the checkout. Our speedy team will get your order wrapped and sent out like any other order. With Laybuy, the difference is that you’ll have more time to pay back the cost of your block heels , flat boots,  strappy heeled, or other casual shoes,  instead of paying for them all at once.


You will make your repayments over five weeks, which should give you plenty of time to wait for your payday or to get on top of any other expenses. Plus, we have a special delivery deal for our New Zealand customers!


If your order is over $40, you’ll get to enjoy free express shipping. That means you won’t have to pay extra to get your block heels, dress boots, heeled boots, leather heels, or the other casual shoes that you ordered, delivered this season and that they’ll be on your doorstep before you know it! Don’t worry if you only want to buy one new style.


Our low prices might make it hard to reach a $40 order of block heels , it is good bridal shoes too, but you can always sneak over the free shipping threshold by adding accessories to your order! We spoke about the fashionable add-ons, shoe care accessories but we also have plenty for customers who would prefer practical items!


Other shoe care accessories available for your block heels include our Instant Shine sponges and supportive innersoles. Spare laces and comfy socks are also some favourite options. Shop at Spendless, and you get spoiled for a choice of shoe care accessories to pair with your dress shoes or block heels.


So, why wait? Come and browse through our collection today and see which block heels jump out at you. We’re sure you’ll spot your dream pair soon enough!