How to Ensure Your Child Will Be Comfortable in Their New School Shoes

Choosing a comfortable pair of kids' school shoes is one of the highlights of parent-child shopping dates for the upcoming academic year. So why must your child be comfortable while wearing them? Comfortable kids' school shoes are your child's foundation, their literal support, as they start a new year of classes.


Kids' school shoes at Spendless are made from quality materials; whether you're after primary school shoes or high school shoes, leather school shoes or sports school shoes, we have you covered when it comes to black school shoes. We have a range of comfortable black school shoes and sports shoes for girls and boys, featuring leather lace-ups and easy slip-on options. Children are always on the move at school, and our shoes offer great comfort and ankle support, but more importantly, they are built to last.


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Their footwear will determine their concentration level and success in getting through classes and activities for more than 30 hours a week. It's important because your child's ability to pay attention and participate in class will depend on how comfortable they are. But this yearly tradition of getting school shoes for kids is a confusing one.


How can you ensure your child's comfort? What characteristics should the kids' school shoes have? You must go through a medley of colours, fastenings, materials, and styles to give them the best.


So what's the best mix of all these features? The good news is that the team from Spendless New Zealand is on hand to help you navigate the characteristics and features to look for in a pair of kids' school shoes.


1. Comfort is a top priority


What good will stylish footwear be if your child cries in pain at the end of the day? Look for kids' school shoes that will provide the best comfort.

Some tips to consider:


Toe Box


A wide toe box that does not squish toes together is essential because most injuries and discomfort result from cramped toes.




The correct midsole or footwear "floor" will save your child's soles from pain and strain. Also, look for kids' school shoes with the correct cushioning for your child's foot type to keep them comfortable all day.


2. Check that the footwear fits properly.


To ensure that their footwear fits correctly in width and length, measure each of your children's feet from both sides. Each foot measures differently, so get the correct size for each. Consult your child's size at Spendless New Zealand by checking the handy size guide.


With 16 children's sizes available at Spendless, you can find something for your child at every stage of growth.


3. Correct Length


Do you know how to measure a child's feet accurately? First, remove the innersoles from the kids' school shoes. Next, let your child stand and then place their foot on the innersole.


Give their toes enough room to move so they won't bunch up at the end of the footwear. Next, measure around a thumb's width from the end of the inner sole.


4. Leave room for growth.


The bones in your child's feet will continue to fuse together until they reach puberty, so leave room for sudden growth spurts. The kids' school shoes should have about a thumb's width, or 1 cm, between the top of the longest toe and the edge.


5. Do the toe-wiggle test.


Making sure your child's toes can move freely and comfortably in their school shoes will help improve their flexibility, strength, and balance.


6. Flexibility is essential


Walking is essential to your child's day as they transfer from one class to another. Flexible kids' school shoes will save them from blisters and muscular strain. A quick test involves twisting the footwear in opposite directions.


The ideal level is a little twist, because twisting into a complete spiral is too much. You can also bend the kids' school shoes. Ideally, it should bend slightly in the midsole, but not until the toe touches the heel.


7. Must be adjustable


Fastening kids' school shoes makes them adjustable. Laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps help your child loosen or tighten their footwear to what is most comfortable.


8. Choose lightweight footwear


Do you want your child's legs, feet, and muscles to feel overworked and tired easily? We're guessing your answer is "no." The lightweight kids' school shoes' breathable materials will help their feet breathe and feel dry and comfortable in humid conditions.


Their feet can glide when walking without the extra weight that can affect their posture and gait. A damaged back can cause several issues, including shoulder and back pain. A comfortable pair of kids' school shoes will help them develop good posture while still young.


9. Durability should be a priority.


For your child to be comfortable in school, their shoes need to be able to do their job without breaking in the middle of the day. Several activities fill your child's day, including running in the playground or participating in sports. New Zealand's erratic weather will test how durable the kids' school shoes are, especially when it's sunny and rainy in one day.


They will be able to endure some of the roughest days with the help of high-quality footwear.


10. Detachable innersoles 


A detachable innersole offers the kids' school shoes more depth so that an orthotic can fit inside if your child needs one or already wears one.


11. Avoid hand-me-downs


Using hand-me-down kids' school shoes is never a good idea, even if your goal is to save money. In the long run, it may be more costly for your child. Typically, footwear conforms to the shape of the original owner's feet.


Therefore, your child will not receive the support intended for their feet because the mould of the kids' school shoes follows that of the previous owner. However, if budget is your issue for choosing hand-me-downs, there's no need to worry, as we have reasonably priced footwear at Spendless New Zealand. Furthermore, with our flexible payment systems, like Afterpay and Zip, you can buy now and pay for your kids' school shoes later.


12. Podiatrists know the best.


If you want to make sure your child's school shoes are comfortable, it's best to ask an expert. Talk to a podiatrist so that they can help you choose the right pair of shoes that will meet all of your child's needs.

They can test your child's feet in different ways and give you good advice about the best school shoes for your child's feet.


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