How to Find the Perfect Fitting Kids’ School Shoes at Spendless

Fit is one of the most critical features when buying kids' school shoes because it will determine how your child copes with the demands of their classes. 

If they wear footwear that fits correctly, they will be comfortable and can concentrate on their lessons. Several factors contribute to the fit of the kids' school shoes, and the team at Spendless New Zealand is here to help you discover each one. 

The team knows these features because the kids' schools shoes from Spendless New Zealand tick each one. So we understand what matters to you—your child's comfort—and we'll ensure they get it.

Before we enumerate what to look for to get the perfect fit, we will explain why they need to wear kids' school shoes with all these features. So, if you're ready to learn everything to ensure your child remains comfortable, let's start!

Why Should Kids' Schools Shoes Fit Perfectly?

Wearing academic footwear that fits provides benefits on top of comfort. Here are some benefits your child gets from well-fitting school shoes.

1. Fewer instances of slipping and tripping accidents.

A pair of school shoes from Spendless New Zealand can spell the difference between coming home crying with wounds and having the best time joining every academic activity available. 

Shoes that are more than a few centimetres too large will cause the wearer's feet to claw at the shoe in an attempt to gain traction, increasing the risk of injury. And some falls can be so serious that they leave victims permanently disabled. 

On the one hand, getting perfectly fitting shoes will allow them to participate more willingly without worrying about tripping and falling over. 

On the other hand, parents can sleep better at night because they know their children are safe and can come home in one piece.

2. Better focus and performance.

Remove anything that will destroy their concentration while learning, such as sore feet. A well-fitting pair of shoes from Spendless NZ ensures that painful feet won't hinder your child from focusing on the task. 

Even adults know how distracting aching feet and blisters can stop them from functioning at 100 percent. 

So multiply the repercussions when that happens to children, especially since the wrong ones can cause health issues and deformities they can carry until adulthood.

3. Mood improvement.

You can witness a massive difference between a child wearing ill-fitting footwear and one wearing the correct pair. A child who doesn't want to wear their academic footwear will have tantrums, causing a headache every morning. 

Buying footwear that fits them perfectly will ensure a smooth morning routine that makes everyone happy. Then, instead of getting annoyed, your child will be excited to wear them.

How to Find the Perfect Fit

After learning why having footwear that fits matters, allow us to enumerate what makes it so. 

Your child will spend around 30 hours a week wearing academic footwear, so you must provide them with a style that offers support and stability for their developing bones. 

Most adults with foot problems likely got it from wearing ill-fitting kids' footwear when they were younger. So let's avoid that by checking on the following:

1. Check for toe wiggle room.

There must be enough space for the toes to wiggle and spread naturally inside the kids' school shoes. This feature is essential as it affects the balance and stability of your child. 

To check, ask your child to try on the kids' school shoes and wiggle their toes. They must be able to do so without restrictions. Ensure a 1 cm gap between their biggest toe and the footwear tip.

2. The length and width align.

A perfect fit means the kids' school shoes fit in the right places. Unfortunately, parents sometimes overlook the width of the feet and only measure the length. In finding the right size, measuring the width of each foot is critical. 

Usually, the left and right feet are different sizes, so you need to know each to find the correct footwear. 

Ensure the footwear is broad and deep enough for your child's foot. The thickest part of the footwear must correspond to the widest part of the foot.

3. Account for foot swelling.

The best time to shop is in the afternoon or evening, when their feet are at their largest size. This is because their feet swell in the afternoon because of the activities they do each day. Not taking that swelling into account will hurt your child. 

While their kids' school shoes will fit in the morning, the footwear will irritate them in the afternoon when their feet swell and rub the material. 

Parents should get their kids' school shoes in the afternoon to avoid this hassle. Please remember to try on the footwear with the socks they intend to wear all year.

4. Take your child shopping with you.

The best way to get kids' school shoes that fit perfectly is to have the wearer with you so they can try them on and give feedback. 

Your child must walk around the store so they can test the grip and see if there are parts of the footwear that rub their feet and irritate them.

Please remember that your child can have a growth spurt, so while the kids' school shoes fit them perfectly for the first two months, they might become ill-fitting after. 

Parents must constantly check that the footwear still fits because some children are shy and won't tell you that the footwear hurts already.

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