How To Find Your Little One The Perfect Pair Of Boots!

Perfect shoes for little feet


Kids’ boots from Spendless Shoes come in an array of different styles and suit multiple settings. If you want to narrow down your options before you start shopping, then consider the places your kids’ boots might frequent. Do your children need something for the playground or a birthday party? Will the pair you’re looking at keep toes toasty when it's cold?


These questions all have bearing on the height or finish that might work best, so think hard!


Styles for boys


Kids’ boots for boys resemble the kinds you’ll find in our men’s range. We have kids’ boots with cosy padding around the ankles for long-lasting support, and convenient zip-up and pull-on designs with smooth finishes. Our glossy black kids’ boots are ideal for occasions like weddings and black-tie events, while tan styles are better-suited for wear on weekends.


Shoes for girls


Does your little girl love decorations on her shoes? If glittery, sequined, stitched, or otherwise embellished kids’ boots are on the shopping list, then Spendless Shoes has what you need! Our collection of girls’ styles have motifs like butterflies, flowers, and other sweet finishes.


However, we also know that these bedazzled kids’ boots aren’t for everyone! If your little one prefers unadorned styles, then our synthetic leather and faux suede kids’ boots come in fantastic designs too.


Consider the age and lace-tying abilities of your children before you settle on a fastening


Our kids’ boots (like all our styles for younger customers) have variations with touch-fastening tabs. This allows children who aren’t confident tying up laces to have autonomy over loosening or tightening the fit, as well as ensuring they stay secure and comfy inside their kids’ boots.


Do your children need shoes for rainy days?


Not all of our styles are fashion-focused! Grab a pair of rain-ready kids’ boots this season to prepare for wild weather.


Children are tough on their shoes normally, let alone when the weather is foul. It's far easier to ruin footwear when water and mud abound. Investing in a pair of rubbery kids’ boots could save you the cost of replacing a less durable pair down the line. These water-proof pull-on styles are fun and colourful— everything a child’s shoes should be! The vibrant colours also make them easier to spot through the gloom when your little ones are playing outside in puddles.


You can hose these down fast and leave them to dry; you’ll wish every pair of kids’ boots were so easy to maintain! You could even grab yourself a set if you want. We have wet-weather styles to fit the whole family.


Find the right sizes easily


Kids’ boots from Spendless Shoes come in a vast array of sizes, and span an age range from babies to teenagers. Depending on the selection of sizes available for the kids’ boots you look at, you could update a favourite style year-to-year, provided we still have it in stock.


Fitting services are fabulous and quick when you visit us in a store, but we can also help online shoppers get the right size for their children at home. Our kids’ boots and other styles come with detailed information and sizing charts so you can shop accurately every time!


Did we mention that you’ll love the price of these?


When you shop at Spendless Shoes, you can get the best styles of the season at prices you won’t believe! While your children will inevitably outgrow any pair, the cheap but high-quality kids’ boots from our collection won’t cost much to replace.


Why wait?


Shop for kids’ boots today at Spendless Shoes!