How To Get Your Kids To Take Care Of Their School Shoes!

Does your child treat kids’ school shoes too roughly? Are you tired of replacing worn-out pairs before your children have the chance to outgrow them? Spendless is here with tips and tricks to help your kids’ school shoes endure! 

First, you should invest in a high-quality cleaner

With our handy Instant Shine sponges, getting your children to clean their kids’ school shoes will be easy-breezy. This no-mess cleaner is so simple and straightforward that students of all ages will master the technique in no time. Unlike sticky polishes that can stain your skin and clothing when you use them on kids’ school shoes, there’s no risk of our instant shine leaving a mess. All you need to do is uncap the top and get ready to scrub! The sponge adheres to the top of the container, which doubles as an excellent handhold while you clean your kids’ school shoes. Dirt, mud, food stains, and other superficial marks will come off in seconds, leaving your uniform pair looking neat and shiny once again. 

Ask your child to be mindful of their pair

Has your child run through more kids’ school shoes than you can count? Have you had to replace perfect-fitting styles because of marks, tips, or too much wear-and-tear? Get your kids’ school shoes from Spendless, and you can trust that our high-quality footwear will be up to the challenge! However, asking your child to monitor their habits and behaviour won’t hurt either. Did you know that one of the main ways that kids’ school shoes get damaged on the toes is from students scuffing their feet on the carpet? It is true! If your child is constantly dragging his or her toes over the classroom carpet while sitting at the desk, then over time, this daily abuse will cause the material to fray or rip. 

So, is this a problem for your child? Check their current pair of kids’ school shoes to find out! If the tops of the toes are patchy on both sides of the set, then there is a chance that your children have this unfortunate habit. This sort of issue is easily solvable because all you need to do to prevent scuffed kids’ school shoes is to remind your little student to watch how they sit!

Make sure that your children love their kids’ school shoes! 

If your children are unhappy with their current pair, then they won’t care if they get ruined. In (extremely) extreme cases, students may even actively sabotage their kids’ school shoes in the hopes of getting a new pair that they genuinely like. So, make doubly (or even triply) sure that your children are happy with their new set. Comfort is rarely an issue with kids’ school shoes from Spendless. But, if students have extra sensitive feet or do need additional support, then you should look to add supportive accessories. Our inner soles and other inserts are the perfect care items to put into kids’ school shoes. Slip these cushioning accessories into your child’s pair, and they will get to enjoy steady comfort (and the squishy feel underfoot) all day long! 

Choosing the right style also plays an important role in getting your children to like kids’ school shoes. Maybe you have a daughter who is very particular about styles and always goes for the fashion-orientated choice! In that scenario, we have to recommend our Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes. These alternative styles come with a buckled or touch-fastening top bands, geometric patterns, and a glossy finish. The high-shine material on these kids’ school shoes makes up a huge part of the appeal, so your daughter should have a vested interest in keeping her pair clean! 

Give these tricks a go in 2020!