How To Keep Your Sneakers White For Longer


Are you looking for ways to keep your new set of men’s sneakers looking pristine for longer?

Spendless Shoes is here to lend you a hand and offer our best advice! All-white and light-coloured men’s sneakers have seen a massive surge in popularity over the past few seasons, and while they have been a favourite choice in autumn and winter, they are also a top choice for the warmer months. However, keeping men’s sneakers clean continues to be a struggle.


So, why should you care about keeping them clean?


Since they come in such a light colour, any dirt, mud, or other messes on white men’s sneakers stand out. When your pale shoes get dirty, it is very noticeable, and it is not an endearing look. With darker men’s sneakers (like ones in black, navy, or blue) you have a little more leeway since people are less likely to notice scuffs and marks on the finish. The base of an all-white style, on the other hand, creates a glaring contrast between the colour of the material and the messy parts. As such, you must keep your men’s sneakers looking sharp.  


Pick your moment and wear these wisely 


This first tip should be fairly intuitive. One way to keep your men’s sneakers from getting dirty is to keep them from going places where they are likely to pick up dirt. Instead of taking them out on the grass, to the beach, or some other outdoor destination, make sure that you mainly keep your men’s sneakers to city streets and indoor settings. Instead of heading outside in your white men’s sneakers during spring and summer, you can take advantage of other items in your wardrobe, such as trainers, sandals, or jandals.


Don’t take your light men’s sneakers out to party


You can probably get away with rooftops bars or pubs and the like, but we advise that you avoid wearing them out to clubs. New Zealand is known for its great nightlife, but that’s not the sort of environment that you want your men’s sneakers visiting. Even the cleanest clubs are known to get gross and sticky floors. Most people avoid wearing their favourite shoes into clubs because of this anyway, so you should appreciate our logic. If you’re going out on the town with the boys, then don’t wear men’s sneakers that you don’t want to get messy.


What should you do if your pair does get dirty?


It’s all well and good to try and avoid areas that will make your men’s sneakers unclean, but what can you do when the worst happens anyway? At Spendless Shoes, we have one fantastic cleaning product that can help you get your trainers looking top-tier again! Our Instant Shine sponges are the perfect choice for anyone who needs to give their men’s sneakers a quick once-over. The Instant Shine sponge works dry— all you need to do is give the shoe material a scrub to watch the marks disappear! These are so fast and easy to use, which means there’s no excuse for keeping your men’s sneakers in a sorry state. Also, since the Instant Shine sponge works on all shoe colours and materials, so it’s a handy thing to have at home anyhow!


We hope these tips help you keep your white men’s sneakers looking their best!


If you want some more handy tricks, leaf through some of the other advice articles that we have online at Spendless Shoes. Otherwise, send a message through to one of our team members, and they’ll get back to you with an answer in no time. Now, take a glance at the men’s sneakers on our shelves this season!