How to Maintain Your Boy's School Shoes All Year Round!

Discipline is vital to maintaining boys' school shoes all year round. Teaching your young son how to care for their footwear and be responsible for meticulously doing it can help ensure it lasts a long time. Either you teach them how to do it, or you find time in your busy schedule to maintain their boys' school shoes for them. How about a compromise?

We at Spendless New Zealand will share tips on maintaining their boys' school shoes, and you will guide your child during the first few times. It's like a parent bird teaching their young chicks to fly independently. The metaphor speaks of teaching young children essential life skills, and by teaching them how to take care of their footwear, they can use that skill when they get older. 

Doing these easy steps together may create a closer bond between parent and child and instil responsibility, patience, time management, and love for things they own. If you're ready, let's start!


Tip 1—Protect from the start


It all begins when you unbox the boys' school shoes. Use a water and stain protection spray from Spendless NZ to prevent fluids and dirt from seeping through the material. This invisible layer gives your child enough time to wipe them off during their free time or when they get home. It's best to reapply and spray the footwear every week.


Tip 2—Clean regularly


Give the boys' school shoes a good wipe-down once they remove them. To make sure you get everything, be sure to inspect all the corners and crevices. Leaving dirt behind to cake and dry on the academic footwear can destroy the material. Knocking the footwear together will remove loose dirt, but we recommend doing this step outside the house so the muck doesn't get inside.


Tip 3—Ensure they are dry


Your child will deal with New Zealand's erratic weather, food and liquid spillage, or broken pipes in the bathroom, which can get the boys' school shoes wet. The footwear must be thoroughly dried before storing, as moisture can cause bacterial or fungal buildup or a foul smell. 

Dry the school shoes naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun and radiator heaters. Scrunched-up newspapers can hasten the process by absorbing moisture. Place them inside the footwear and replace them every few hours to make drying even faster.


Tip 4—Polish regularly


Although one of the best things about wearing black high school shoes is that they hide the scuffs and dirt, restoring the footwear to how it looked when you got them is the best. Teaching your child about leaving a positive, lasting impression by wearing presentable footwear is something they will carry and use once they start working. Pick out a polish shade that coordinates with the school shoes, and then use a gentle sponge or cloth to rub a thin layer of polish across the shoes.


Tip 5—Ensure the footwear is scent-free


By maintaining scent-free footwear, we meant ensuring no foul smell will come wafting from their boys' school shoes. With sweat and moisture, the footwear can smell, so address the concern with baking soda. Sprinkle it directly in the school shoes and leave it overnight. It gives the baking soda enough time to absorb the moisture. Knock the footwear together the next day to remove all remaining baking soda. 

However, if your child doesn't want baking soda directly inside their footwear, you can create coffee packets with coffee grounds, cloth, and string. Leave it inside the academic footwear until subsequent use. Some people add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the packets so the footwear smells good.


Tip 6—Proper storage


Excited to finally get home, we all tend to leave our footwear by the door, leaving them lying there. It's a big no-no! Teach your child to store their school shoes properly. A shoe closet, rack, or bag is the best place to keep them. Leaving them where dust can settle on them can weaken the material and destroy the school shoes.


Tip 7—Check constantly


Constantly checking the boys' school shoes will ensure you discover any damage or worn soles. It might be too late to save or fix the broken parts if you let so much time pass. Ensuring the school shoes are always in tip-top shape is vital because you want them to stay intact while your child is playing or moving.


Tip 8—Wear the footwear properly


While it's so easy to wear and remove boys' school shoes hurriedly, it can ruin them. And we've all done that, removing one shoe by pushing with the other foot. Please teach your child to wear and remove their shoes properly. In putting on the footwear, the child must place their thumb at the back of the shoe as they slide their feet inside. It protects the heel counter, which plays a massive role in keeping their academic footwear together and ensuring your child's ankles remain steady.

They should apply the same care when taking their shoes off. They must first unfasten the closure, whether touch-fastening straps or laces and then remove the shoes with both hands. Once removed, have them clean the footwear and follow the steps mentioned previously.


Keep Their Boys' School Shoes Well-Maintained! 


Follow the different tips to maintain the boys' school shoes all year. These simple steps can ensure the footwear can withstand wear and tear, inclement weather, and natural elements. 

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