How to Perfect Walking Gracefully in Heels

The saying is diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Well, we would beg to differ. We know that shoes are a girl’s best friend, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. But if you are unaware that shoes are every woman’s favourite thing to buy, then we are here to enlighten you.


There are so many reasons why women wear gorgeous pairs of wide fit shoes, and we are obsessed with them all. We know that womens heels are a girl’s favourite go-to pair of wide fit shoes because of the unique and funky designs.


One thing that women hate about wearing a pair of womens heels is that they can be uncomfortable walking in. However, there is a certain skill that many are yet to master when wearing a pair of heeled sandals like heeled sandals, heeled boots, wedge heels, peep toe heels, peep toe heeled sandals and heels pump. That is where the team at Spendless Shoes NZ come in to save the day.


We know all of the tips and tricks for women who want to perfect the way they walk in a pair of heeled sandals, whether low heel or mid heel. Every woman in New Zealand will have the most graceful walk when wearing a pair of heeled sandals like heeled sandals, heeled boots, wedge heels, peep toe heels, peep toe heeled sandals, and heels pump after reading our hot tips and tricks. 


So, if you are curious to know more about how to ace the walk-in heeled sandals, then keep on reading!


Tip 1 – Walk Heel To Toe!


Our first (and easiest) tip when walking in a pair of heeled sandals is to walk heel to toe. This type of walk will ensure that you are comfortable in your set of womens heels without having to compromise your style and the items you would like to wear.


Many women avoid wearing heel shoes or carry a backup pair of heeled sandals because they can not seem to ace the walk. But practice makes perfect! Try it out at home first and see how you feel. If you find that walking heel to toe is not so bad after all, try it with a pair of heel shoes.


This transition may be a bit of an adjustment, but if you find it comfortable, you might be ready to wear your favourite pair of heel shoes like heeled sandals, heeled boots, wedge heels, peep toe heels, peep toe heeled sandals and heels pump. 


This type of walk will ensure you feel comfortable and confident when you wear your new pair of heels pump, so make sure you include this in your day-to-day routine.


Tip 2 – Take Small Steps!


Another tip to consider when trying to ace the elegant walk-in womens heels is to take small steps. Who would have thought that this simple trick would help you walk better in your new favourite heels pump? 


We love this simple and easy hack to walking in heel shoes, and we know that you will too. All you have to do is take some small steps when you walk so then it is not as painful to wear these wide fit shoes. By taking small steps, you can also prevent yourself from being injured throughout the night. If you take bigger steps when wearing a pair of pump heels, you put yourself at risk of an injury.


The uneven balance in your walk causes this issue. The big steps will result in this, which is why taking smaller steps is much safer. You will also find that smaller steps are helpful with your walk because you can take some pressure off of your feet. 


This tip will assist with making your pair of pump heels much more comfortable to walk in. Woohoo!


Tip 3 – Make Sure They Are The Right Fit!


One vital tip to acing your walk in a pair of pump heels is to make sure that the set of footwear fits your feet. There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a pair of heel shoes that are either too small or too big for your feet.


It can lead to discomfort and pain, which are never fun for any girl to go through. The best way to make sure that these heels pump are the right fit for you is to pay attention to the placement of your toes.  If they are hanging over the edge of your wide fit shoes, then that may indicate that you need a bigger sized wide fit shoe.


This tip also applies when the back of your foot is not touching the edge of the wide fit shoe. Again, this tip will indicate that you need a smaller pair of shoes. There are many different tips and tricks on looking for when checking to see if your womens heels fit. 


However, if you can keep an eye on two of the more important ones, then you will be a-okay, and your walk will be on point!


Tip 4 – Good Posture Is A Must!


Did you know that good posture is a key component to acing your graceful walk-in heels? If you are shaking your head no, then you are in luck. We are here to fill you in on how good posture can help with mastering your walk in a pair of womens heels.


The best way to carry yourself is to hold your head up high and keep your chin lifted. Pull your shoulders back and keep your body upright whilst walking. These little tips can help with the way you walk and will maintain your great back posture!


Tip 5 – Beginner’s Guide!


We have created a mini beginner’s guide to wearing and walking in a pair of heel shoes. If you find yourself struggling to walk in these pump heels, it may be best to take it back to basics.  Step it down a notch and ease your way into wearing heels like wedge heels and peep toe heels by wearing a pair of wedge heels pump instead.


These block heels can still offer you plenty of height, but they will not put any strain on your feet. This tip will allow you to feel comfortable and supported whilst you walk in your heel shoes. A pair of block heels will also be a great way to ease into nailing this walk as they offer a low base. 


Block heels are a must-have for beginners, and they still look stylish and cute!


Tip 6 - Accessories!


When trying to ace your walk in a pair of heels pump, a tip to consider is to wear some wide fit shoe accessories. These accessories can help you feel more comfortable and stable when walking in some pump heels. 


In addition, we highly recommend investing in a set of half gel innersoles for your shoes. All you have to do is place them on the inside of your shoes and watch how quickly they become the most comfortable pair of womens heels. This addition of comfort will help you ace your walk and ensure that you look graceful whilst doing so.


If you wear a pair of heel shoes with a stiletto-like base, investing in some heel stoppers will also be beneficial. All you have to do is place them on the bottom of your pump heels, and voila! Your wide fit shoes will now be ready to go, and you will ace your strut in no time.  


Are You Ready To Ace Your High Heels Strut?


If you feel inspired to take on the challenge of walking in womens heels after reading this article, then we are so proud of you! It can feel like a real challenge to try and ace this walk, but we know that our helpful tips can guide you through it. 


If you need a new pair of pump heels to practice your walk-in with different shoe sizes available in our size guide, then head to the womens heels online store, Spendless Shoes NZ website and discover your new favourite pair of pump heels today!