How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Boys' School Shoes

Shopping for academic footwear has sent parents and guardians into a frenzy, trying to research and memorise everything they need to know. 

Choosing new school shoes for your son can be taxing because of the features that must be present. 

And because it's harder to memorise scattered information about picking boys' school shoes, we'd like to make it easier by putting them all together.

The huge range of school shoes aims to support your son as he participates in classroom activities and plays with peers in the playground. 

As such, a perfect pair of academic footwear should have features and characteristics that help your son as he fulfils the activities.

Our team at Spendless New Zealand is stepping in to help provide the answers. Hopefully, you will find the task easier after we've shared what you need to know about picking the perfect footwear.

When's the best time to go shopping?

You need to take your son shopping with you; we know how difficult it can be if they are in a bad mood. However, we suggest you avoid crowds to lessen the distraction and possible cause of stress. 

Weekday afternoons are the best time to buy the perfect academic footwear. Not only do you get to avoid the weekend crowd, but the afternoon is also the best time to get your feet measured.

Everyone gets swollen feet in the afternoon after their usual activities—walking, standing, and running—making the size bigger. As such, you need to account for growth for the perfect fit.

What do I need to remember when getting the correct measurements?

Your child's academic experience will depend on how comfortable their footwear is. In addition, as mentioned, you must account for their feet' swelling. 

But that's not all you need to know. 

Your child's left and right foot length and width may vary, and you need to get all these measurements to find the correct footwear.

If you're hesitant, you can bring your child to a professional. The podiatrist can tell you the size to get and suggest the style appropriate for your child's feet. 

Alternatively, brands have trained in-store staff to measure your feet and tell you which academic shoes are available in that size.

Please remember that when you take your child shopping, they should bring the socks they will wear all year. 

It will give them a taste of how it will be when they wear their academic footwear to class.

What features should I check for?

Like when buying gadgets, where you must check specifications, boys' school shoes must have certain features to ensure they provide the comfort and support your child needs to perform at their best. 

Here are the essential ones:

  • Choose academic shoes with enough room for their toes to wiggle. For example, Spendless New Zealand's styles usually have rounded-toe designs that allow your child's toes to spread naturally, ensuring balance and stability. 

Avoid academic footwear that squeezes their toes or forces them to claw, which can result in foot deformities.

  • Adjustability is critical so your child can tighten or loosen the fit when needed. 

It's best if the academic footwear has fasteners like touch-fastening straps and laces because both provide a way to control the fit and secure the footwear on the child's feet.

  • Ensure that the footwear style has a firm heel counter because this feature is responsible for the stability of your child's feet. 

For example, press on the heel counter of the footwear, and if it holds against the pressure, you've got the right one for your child.

  • Your child's footwear should mimic the natural movement of their feet, so you must find flexible ones. However, the flexibility of academic footwear should only reach until the balls of the feet, nothing further.
  • Young guys tend to be rough and active, so their footwear must have soles with enough traction to keep them steady and stable.

In addition, your child will likely move around a lot on different surfaces, so ensure their footwear can keep them safe when they do.

What if my son and I can't go to the physical store?

With everything going digital, busy parents like you can buy academic footwear from home. There's no need to rush to the store before closing because online shopping is 24/7. 

At midnight, you can buy academic footwear for your son and other classroom necessities like socks and laces in your pyjamas.

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With Spendless NZ's flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later, the discount vouchers, and the affordable styles available, shopping for academic footwear will help you stay within your budget.

Should I involve my child in the process?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. Your child is starting to develop their taste and identity, which include what style of footwear to wear. Their classmates and peers may influence their choice, especially if a popular fad is going on. 

It's your responsibility as a parent to check if the academic footwear for your son meets the essentials. If the style is good for them, get what they want.

If not, it's the perfect time to teach them about compromise and how a different pair of school shoes is better for their overall health.

Tell them everything they must know, including the possibility of a growth spurt, meaning they might need a new pair of footwear after a few weeks. 

Remind them to be honest when things hurt because that's a tell-tale sign that they have outgrown their academic footwear.

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