How to Purchase Non-Slip Kids' School Shoes That Can Also Be Used for Work

If your kid has a part-time job at a cafe, restaurant, hotel, resort, or theme park, you're looking for a versatile pair of kids' school shoes that they can also use for work.

It's essential to find one that can handle both demands, especially if your young one has a tight schedule that requires them to go straight from class to work. 

Carrying an extra pair of footwear is a hassle! So why bring extra when Spendless New Zealand has kids' school shoes that suit both? 

We understand that this task can be daunting, especially when the health of your child is involved, but our team is here to help you find a pair that can double as the perfect work shoe. 

Also, people in the food service and hospitality industries need school shoes that won't slip because spills and wet floors happen daily in these fields. 

We gathered school shoes' essential features and characteristics to keep them safe for class and work.  

Why the Need for Slip-Resistant Features in a Kid's School Shoes

The hospitality sector encompasses businesses that offer services to clients. Students working part-time often work as servers, cooks, hosts, hostesses, and delivery drivers if they already have the necessary licences.

Students working part-time often work as servers, cooks, hosts, hostesses, and even delivery drivers if they already have the necessary licences. 

Workers risk slipping and falling with tasks requiring quick movement and delivery. Find a pair with slip-resistant characteristics to protect your kid from accidents. 

These features counter the primary causes of trips and accidents. 

1. Make or Material of the Kids' School Shoes

Ensure that the material is stretchy, flexible, and able to adapt to different situations because too stiff materials may not provide enough traction and stability and cause foot aches.

Also, look for materials that aren't slippery when wet with oil or other things. 

Pay attention to the design. For example, the shoe's outsole, or bottom, should be slightly curved rather than completely flat. 

This design allows liquids to drain off the surface instead of getting trapped in the tread grooves, reducing the risk of slipping on wet surfaces. 

Most importantly, ensure they fit right, leaving enough toe room because footwear that doesn't work correctly can be just as dangerous as those that don't fit a child's foot. 

2. Tread Pattern 

Ensure that the school shoes have tread patterns, such as circles, hexagons, or squiggles, if you want to keep your kid safe in class and at work. 

These tread patterns make the coefficient of friction higher, making the shoe grip better on wet or slippery surfaces. Different tread patterns have other uses. 

For example, school shoes with circular or oval patterns work well outside because they give kids a good grip on various surfaces. 

Patterns like hexagons or honeycombs work well in industrial or construction settings because they grip uneven surfaces well. 

The school shoes have wavy or curving lines, also called "squiggles," that give them a good grip on wet or slippery surfaces. This makes them suitable for the healthcare or hospitality industries. 

Also, the tread patterns help water and other liquids flow away from the foot, which makes it less likely that when kids wear these, they will slip on wet surfaces. 

For the best traction and stability, choose school shoes with small, closely spaced tread patterns, with a spacing of about 2 mm between each. 

3. Anti-Skid Soles 

Choosing kids' school shoes with sturdy and flexible soles made of durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber is essential to prevent falls and support the feet, heels, and toes.

Additionally, the thick soles might lessen a child's feet weariness and soreness in the child's toes caused by prolonged standing.

Moreover, the soles of New Zealand school shoes for kids can grip the floor effectively, even when impurities are present, by preventing water from getting trapped underneath. So protect your child by purchasing this footwear. 

Slip-Resistant Footwear for Your Child 

We now know what the kids' school shoes need to keep them safe as they run from class to work. This footwear is ideal for part-timers who want to use only one pair for both! Please allow us to introduce you to Spendless New Zealand's selection of slip-resistant footwear. 

Our slip-resistant footwear for men and women has characteristics that allow it to double as school shoes. First, they come in a black lace-up style, acceptable for most academic uniform dress code requirements. 

Imagine having one pair of school shoes that acts as shoes for class and slip-resistant footwear for work. Here are some of Spendless NZ's slip-resistant footwear features:

  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Oil-resistant outsole
  • Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support
  • Flexible and padded innersoles for all-day comfort 

Keep Their Kids’ Schools Shoes in Tip-Top Shape 

In the past, you may have purchased your favourite fusion brands from a brands shop, but with kids' needs growing exponentially, the low price point will draw you to Spendless NZ. 

Your kid has to balance school and work, so you must ensure their school shoes are in good shape for their safety.

Here are a few things to check: school shoe fitting shop customer care team back to school working extended hours first purchase store perfect fit experts children style sales selected locations new styles

1. No holes in the soles.


Ensure that the soles of the school shoes are intact and free of any gaps, as these openings can lead to accidents. If you notice any holes, it's best to replace them immediately by purchasing the best school shoes from Spendless New Zealand.  

2. Check the outsoles frequently. 

As tyres are important for cars, outsoles are essential for slip-resistant footwear. Therefore, it's important to check the outsoles to determine how worn out they are and if they can still provide enough traction. 

3. Keep the footwear's mouth shut. 

When the outsole of the boys' school shoes starts to separate from the leather upper, it's a sign that you need to replace them immediately. Failure to do so can result in accidents.  

Elevate Your Child's Work Experience 

Juggling two responsibilities can be challenging for your kid, so you must be proud of their accomplishment! Give them slip-resistant leather shoes from Spendless New Zealand's line. Leather supportive shoes will keep them safe. 

Experience top online shopping by heading to our website or the nearest retailer to start your protection! 

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So, why not try Spendless New Zealand for your next school shoe purchase? You can always wear new shoes, right?