How to Style Basic Women’s Casual Shoes

Women’s casual shoes cover many styles that all aim to make ladies look and feel good. When they look good, positive things happen—they feel empowered, more motivated, and more productive. And since looking great brings excellent results, we want to keep it that way.

What do you usually wear with your women’s casual shoes? As such, we’d like to help you elevate your style. The more important question is, which women’s casual shoes do you have?

Our team from Spendless New Zealand knows what looks good with each and where best to wear them. Despite the fact that the brand's footwear is fashionable and adaptable, meaning that you can wear it everywhere. 

It will go with most of your wardrobe, but knowing how to style your chosen women's casual shoes is still a good idea. 

If you’re ready, let’s dive into it!


Sandals are the ideal women’s casual shoes for summer and spring. Their breathability and open style make them perfect for warmer temperatures. The last thing you want in an outdoor venue is to have sweaty and smelly feet, so these women’s casual shoes are the best choice. 

Spendless New Zealand has several categories under its sandal line, such as comfort sandals, slides, rubber thongs, and thong sandals.

From these groups, you’ll have endless choices to wear to the beach, a picnic, or the tropical vacation you’ve planned for months. So styling these women’s casual shoes involves outfits you typically wear at these places and events.

Platform sandals go well with dresses, skirts, and shorts. This thick-soled footwear adds a bit of height to your everyday wardrobe without causing any discomfort. 

You can liven up the styling of these women’s casual shoes by wearing bold prints and patterns with them.

Meanwhile, slide sandals look great with jeans folded at the hem and a crop top, giving off laid-back and lazy vibes. These women’s casual shoes have straps over your foot to keep them in place. 

They are the best during walks by the beach because you can remove them quickly when you want to feel the sand on your toes.


Not everyone is into exposing their feet, and that is fine. Sneakers are a top choice for ladies who prefer to remain covered, especially if they maintain an active lifestyle. 

These trans-seasonal women’s casual shoes are appropriate for all seasons. They can match all your outfit styles for winter, spring, summer, or fall. 

Spendless New Zealand has three categories for these women’s casual shoes: walking, sports luxe, and trainers.

From these groups, you can visualise several athleisure and streetwear outfits. But never compartmentalise sneakers as only that because they have graced more formal and dressier events. So how do you wear these women’s casual shoes? It’s all about styling.

Get yourself one of the high-top sneakers from Spendless New Zealand, as they are excellent fashion accents. Wear them with skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a leather jacket. 

You can replace the jeans with joggers. Complete these stylish women’s casual shoes with a big tote bag and oversized sunglasses.

Change your style from rugged streetwear to something more feminine. Wear your walking sneakers with a knee-length dress, denim jacket, and bowler hat. With these women’s casual shoes in your wardrobe, you can change your look and vibe from one day to the next!


Flats are an even broader category of women’s casual shoes because, aside from the two Spendless NZ categories of loafers and ballet flats, other shoes also fall under them. 

Loafers and ballet flats are like sneakers because they are also trans-seasonal and match clothes from all four seasons.

Ladies who prioritise comfort, especially at formal events, where they expect you to stand and mingle for hours, can use these women’s casual shoes instead of uncomfortable heels. Styling them is easy—rummage through what you have inside your closet.

For instance, if you want to wear your gorgeous cut-out dress to an important family gathering but need to socialise, wear your women’s casual shoes with it. Ballet flats add a feminine flair and sexy silhouette to your look.

If you’re off to a business conference and need to wear your pantsuit, you can keep cosy with your loafers. Walk around the room and network with people in your women’s casual shoes. 

People in heels might sit in a corner after an hour or two, but we guarantee you’ll make headway in your flats.

Relaxed outings like dinner with friends or a movie date are no exception. Wear your women’s casual shoes with ripped jeans or denim skirts and still look like you stepped out of a magazine. 

When wearing jeans with your flats, ensure they end around the ankle area, and fold them if they are longer.


Wedges are women’s casual shoes that boost your height and personal style. This comfortable footwear levels your feet, so the elevation does not cause discomfort. 

People usually wear these women’s casual shoes in the spring or summer, a staple at garden parties or outdoor weddings. You’d love that wedges never get caught in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.

These women’s casual shoes are perfect for dinners by the beach, brunches on your veranda, or even when you’re off boating. Styling them is a breeze, as they look amazing with sundresses, maxi dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, jumpsuits, and even swimwear. 

Take them with you when you go on holiday to a tropical resort, and you’ve got your trip footwear made.

Pack your wedges in your luggage, and you’re ready for vacation. Leave the extreme New Zealand weather conditions, and start your tanning with these women’s casual shoes in tow. But please bring a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, and sunscreen!

Elevate Your Style with the Help of Spendless New Zealand Women Casual Shoes!

While owning any of these women’s casual shoes from Spendless New Zealand provides instant elevation to your look, it still helps to know a thing or two about the best way to style them. 

Apply what you learned, but first, get any footwear from the nearest retailer store or shop online.

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