How To Style Block Heels For A Night Out In Auckland!


Listen up, because we’re here to find your ideal block heels this season!

If you’re heading out for a night on the town and need some tips to make your shoes look their best, then Spendless Shoes has some handy tips you might like to hear! Our expansive range of block heels has a mix of modern and classic looks, so we know we’ve got something for everyone. Better still, we can tell you exactly what sort to get for your collection and why you should! No matter what you need your new block heels for, or where you plan on taking them, Spendless Shoes has a design to suit you. To help send you on your way faster, we’re going to look over some of our favourites right now!


Grab short block heels with feature straps


When you’re heading out to party, it’s best to leave tall and skinny styles at home. You’ll feel your best in block heels with short inclines and broad bases since these give the best support to your feet. Our designs in this look are closer to sandals than to stilettos, but they still flatter your figure. The additional straps give your block heels a fun feel, but they also add some extra support and security to the fit. Likewise, our strappy styles will keep your feet while you’re dancing your cares away during a mild spring or hot summer night.


Don’t be afraid to match block heels with something light


One common complaint about block heels is the fact that they can look heavy under thin or flowing materials. However, there are heaps of ways you can make your shoes match your flowing summer skirts and dress better. Ideally, you should get your new pair in a light colour like natural, tan, or white. These can help soften the feel of a chunky pair of block heels and stop your outfit from seeming to bottom heavy. Whether you choose faux suede or synthetic leather material, a pale tone will work wonders.


Do you want to try our structured booties?


These block heels put a summertime twist on lace-up ankle boots, and add some formality to the gorgeous aesthetic of gladiator sandals. Ladies who are hitting up clubs and rooftops bar in Auckland this summer will appreciate the glamour, long-lasting comfort, and extra coverage our booties bring them. The lace-up block heels have side cut-outs and zipper on the back for ease of wear. Meanwhile, we have others with thin straps and beautiful hole-punched material. When you want your block heels to break from the norm and go boldly into the night, grab a pair of these!


Are you keen to accessorise with animal prints?


With these looks, our focus is on how the finish can give your style a lift. Spendless Shoes has block heels with leopard spots or snakeskin that you can take home in 2019. The attractive look of these animal prints has made them a fast customer favourite. Block heels with eye-catching patterns can give an instant boost (and add a point of interest) to your outfit. As far as styling is concerned, we recommend adding a bag or hair accessory; matching prints will make your entire ensemble look more put-together. Our wild block heels also come in different heights, so you’ve got plenty of them to pick!


Find your best pair from Spendless Shoes today


If our affordable prices can’t persuade you to shop from our range, then the look of our lovely block heels will convince you! You’ll love spending less on this marvellous collection. Now, go and have fun in your new block heels!