How to Style Men's Casual Shoes this Summer

Although most styles available at Spendless New Zealand are versatile and transeasonal, meaning you can wear them for all seasons, some are more suitable for warmer months like summer. These men's casual shoes are your best bet for a season of outings, trips, and events. 

Since footwear ties the look together, your choice can make or break your vibe. If you need help finding clothes to match the various men's casual footwear, our team from Spendless NZ can assist. Years of providing the best collection has its benefits. Knowing Spendless NZ men's casual shoes like the back of its hand makes it easy to find clothes to wear this summer. You don't have to overhaul your closet; all you need is to discover ways to combine them so that you look put together without trying too hard. If you're ready for a fantastic summer look, let's start! 


Style 1—Men's Casual Boat Shoes 


Summer isn't complete without a sailing or yacht trip. As the heat turns up for the season, you want to feel the cool sea breeze on your toasty skin. But before you get excited, you must protect yourself with the men's casual boat shoes from Spendless NZ. Sometimes called topsiders, this footwear option is breathable and stable for your summer outing. 

Initially, these casual shoes were for sailors or boatmen who needed stability while navigating the boat deck. This same reason will save you from falling off the boat on your excursion. Aside from keeping you safe, this footwear will make you hotter than the summer sun. 

Topsiders are ideal for preppy looks. The aesthetic goes perfectly well with anything nautical, like stripes. Partner these with clothes that remind you of island living—jeans, shorts, or chinos. Wear topsiders for summer gatherings like beach parties, backyard barbecues, or an exotic island trip abroad. And where socks are concerned, keep them invisible when wearing casual footwear. You can get invisible socks from Spendless NZ and maximise use to avoid irritable rubbing and bad smells. 

Since you're wearing these men's casual shoes near bodies of water, you must always dry them off before storing them. Moisture is your footwear's worst enemy, so dry them naturally before keeping them inside shoe closets or bags.


Style 2—Loafers 


Check out the unique loafer options at Spendless NZ. You'll love the woven detailing on the side and the upper of these slip-on men's casual shoes. Boost your beach party look with this stylish, staple summer wardrobe option.

The excellent thing about loafers is their ability to replace any shoe type by elevating sophistication. These shoes remain a classic, outlasting other shoe trends that only last a season or two. To answer the critical question of how to wear loafers in the summer, start with denim shorts and a cotton T-shirt. During the warmer months, always prioritise your comfort and ventilation.

Put on your casual footwear with chinos and a linen shirt in fresh shades if you go to a dressier event. A more formal event would require suits, which can also work with loafers. You can also upgrade your summer work look by pairing this footwear with suit pants, a striped long-sleeved shirt, and a blazer. You can remove the blazer when the temperature goes up a notch or two. It's best to wear invisible socks with men's casual loafer shoes, as you'd do with topsiders. 

And if you wear loafers to beach weddings, you expose them to sand and other natural elements. Ensure you give them a quick wipe-down when you get home because letting the dirt stay longer can damage the materials of your footwear.


Style 3—Sneakers 


The popularity of sneakers has been rising for years, and understandably so. These men's casual shoes are ideal for all seasons, including summer. The white sneaker trend is taking the world by storm because it combines fashion and functionality seamlessly. Styling this footwear for summer is easy—use the same combinations as loafers but with a sportier vibe. 

For everyday wear, pair sneakers with jeans, sweats, and joggers. Use round-neck shirts for more comfort in the warm weather. And if you're going on a trip somewhere, these are the best travel buddies, especially the slip-on versions that make airport security checks a breeze. 

For sightseeing trips, explore the place with sneakers and shorts, collared shirts, and short-sleeved button-downs. And if you want to make a statement as a guest in a garden or beach wedding, wear this footwear with suits. A pair of white sneakers will look fantastic with a blue suit! 


Style 4—Garden Clogs 


Today's fashion hails footwear that can serve multiple purposes. If you have not heard about the garden clog trend, it's time to get acquainted. While some scoff at wearing these men's casual shoes beyond their backyard or garden, please hear us out. This holey footwear will keep your feet well-ventilated, ensuring you get the air you need to stay comfy. This footwear dries quickly and won't succumb to water exposure, so you can wear it while doing water activities like kayaking. 

Besides keeping you safe, garden clogs add character to your summer wardrobe. Partner these casual shoes with shorts, a shirt, and a baseball cap for a relaxed vibe. Remember to add shades to protect your eyes from the sun! If you want to use it as a highlight, accentuate your all-black outfit with the multi-coloured or green option available at Spendless NZ. Put on these versatile and comfortable casual shoes to show everyone you're confident experimenting with your summer look. 


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