How to Style Men's Casual Shoes with Ease!

With so many men's casual shoes around, it's no surprise guys need clarification on each and how to coordinate them. Guys need to memorise different style names, consider the colours, decide the best event to wear them to, and choose matching clothes.


This string of tasks can be overwhelming, which could be why you're here seeking help styling men's casual shoes from Spendless New Zealand. But, finally, you came to the right place!


Several styles of men's casual shoes are available for your choosing, and we'll help you find one that fits your lifestyle. The team at Spendless NZ will give you tips on how to style them and where to wear them best.


Skip the popular brands like Hush Puppies and Julius Marlow. You'll get the same vibe when you opt for our brand–plus, it's much easier on your wallet!


Even though all of our casual shoes for men are stylish, versatile, comfortable, and affordable, each pair is made for a different taste. So you need to figure out your activities and choose the best ones.


Read on to start your journey to a more stylish version of yourself.


Style 1—Boat Shoes


Other names like deck or topsiders are alternatives to men's casual boat shoes. This footwear is a staple summer nautical shoe, when you are near bodies of water, usually when yachting or sailing.


A brief background will make you understand that the intended purpose of these men's casual shoes is to provide traction and grip for sailors, who usually slip while on deck. Hence, the name.


The ones available at Spendless New Zealand will fit right into your life if you love touring around New Zealand's famous lakes and rivers. 


These casual shoes are available in a dark blue colour that is very nautical and would look great with chino shorts and an oversized striped shirt. These casual shoes are available in a dark blue colour that is very nautical and would look great with chino shorts and an oversized striped shirt.


Its breathable outer material keeps your feet cool and dry all day, making it comfortable for summer trips. Don't pair these shoes with socks if you want to look good. 


However, Spendless New Zealand sells invisible socks that you can add to your cart to avoid blisters on your trip.


Style 2—Sneakers


Among the men's casual collections available at Spendless New Zealand are two kinds of low-top sneakers: slip-on canvas and laced. Each perfect pair has its own appeal, so you should get one or both if you're a sneakerhead.


  • Slip-on Canvas 


The slip-on canvas shoes that you may drool over come in a nice brown colour that reminds you of the great outdoors. It features a thin, comfortable sole with a rounded-toe design that gives your toes the right amount of space.


These are ideal for travelling, especially when you must go through the hassle of airport checks and need to remove your footwear. Being asked to remove and wear shoes hurriedly can be stressful, so forget about laces and opt for this relaxed style.


More importantly, slip-on sneakers are the best travel companions because they match all your travel clothes, such as ripped black jeans, a white round-neck shirt, and accessories like a cap and sunglasses. 


And because these are lightweight, they do not take up much luggage space or weight.


  • Lace Ups


Spendless New Zealand's laced skate shoes are the best if you love hanging out with friends and family. These casual shoes are perfect for picnics, drinking with friends, and shopping at the mall. Padded ankle collars provide comfort and support.


While the intended purpose of laced skate sneakers was to keep skaters safe and steady while on their skateboards and doing tricks, this footwear has become an everyday staple beyond the skate park. 


The incredible thing about owning these is that you won't have to overhaul your current wardrobe. Instead, styling them is easy if you own denim, chinos, and shorts of any colour or shade, preferably in slim and skinny cuts.


Style 3—Laced Ankle Boots


Do you love hanging out at the different New Zealand pubs, clubs, and bars? Are you always first in line when trying new restaurants in Auckland, Wellington, or the South Island?


If you answered yes to either or both questions, you need these in your wardrobe. Laced ankle boots are ideal for a lifestyle that requires you to look a step higher than streetwear. 


Clubs, bars, and restaurants call for a dressier outfit, which you won't need to worry about if you use these.


The Spendless New Zealand laced ankle boots come in black and brown, giving you more options. You can always hit the mark with dark jeans and a button-down shirt when styling them.


 You can switch the button-down with a black cardigan, then accessorise with a big watch. Wear this complete ensemble on a night out to town in New Zealand, and expect strangers to come up to you for introductions!


Style 4—Loafers


Are you ready to try a kind of shoe that you typically won't?


Spendless New Zealand has a lovely loafer that deserves some attention. These have woven details on the side and the upper, which will get you the second (or even third) glances you deserve.


These loafers come in black and brown and deserve a spot in your closet. This multi-purpose footwear is your perfect choice if you love going to relaxed or formal events.


Their versatility allows you to use them multiple times, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. Pair these with fitted trousers and crisp button-downs, and add a blazer.


Get Out There and Put These Styling Tips to the Test! 


We shared tips on easily elevating your look with this footwear. If you want more compliments, head to a Spendless New Zealand store and get your hands on the men's footwear that fits your lifestyle best!


Also, when you shop at Spendless New Zealand's online shop, you can discover a range of styles of mens casual shoes, sizes from toddler to grown-up, or use our  UK/US/EU/CM size chart. Checkout our new styles, and make a smart choice that will go with everything in your wardrobe, no matter the occasion.