How to Style Men's Casual Shoes with his Winter Wardrobe

Get your hands on a new pair of men's casual shoes this season with Spendless Shoes New Zealand! If you are looking for some stylish kicks that can pair perfectly with your winter wardrobe, then this is the perfect place to be. 


Every guy in New Zealand wants to know where you got these kicks from. So you will instantly love what we have to offer you for your next pair of men's footwear. 


Take a read below to discover your next set of stylish casual kicks! 


Style 1 – Boots


This year is your year to make a statement with your next men's casual shoes! There is a style of footwear for every guy to enjoy. However, when the winter season hits, you will want to feel prepared for those chilly days and cold nights. 


This tip is why we recommend getting your hands on a pair of boots this season. You will find in our brand's shop that this casual footwear is super comfortable and wearable from morning until night. RANGER is one of our available boots that looks like a wild rhino.

It is also good to wear during a formal event or occasion. Our range of boots comes in various styles and designs. This tip means you will always get spoiled for choice. There is nothing better than rocking a set of these kicks with your next outfit. 


We love how comfortable and stylish a pair of boots is and just how versatile they can look on your feet. We know that these men's shoes can get styled with every type of outfit. You can get these boots either with lace-ups or sleek boots, which you can get new styles for every outfit of the day.


Whether it is a pair of denim jeans and an oversized shirt or a sweater and chino pants, you will love what these men's shoes can do for you. So, add them to your wardrobe for new styles for your everyday look.


Style 2 – Canvas


Check out our range of canvas sneakers. These are the ultimate style of casual shoes that every guy needs in his life. You will find comfort, style, and breathability in a pair of these kicks. 

Our online brand shop has a filter on the left if you want to search for a specific colour, brand, size, and price. Click Clear filters if you are already done and want new styles of kicks.

In addition, a set of canvas sneakers are super versatile, so you will be sure to find a purpose to wear these daily. We love to style these canvas sneakers with plenty of outfits for a daily look. For example, you can style a pair of these men's shoes with denim jeans and a loose-fitted t-shirt. 


You can also style these casual shoes with a set of chino shorts and a button-up shirt. The options for a daytime look are endless for these men's shoes. Take your look from morning until night by styling these kicks with a set of chino pants and a button-up shirt. So, ditch your old Hush Puppies and invest with those kicks at our brand's shop.


Take this as a sign to checkout these new kicks so that you will be a trendsetter all day long in these canvas sneakers!


Style 3 – Trainers


Are you an active kind of guy? Do you love to work out and play sports? If you agree to both of these questions, you are in luck with our range of men's sneakers. 


A set of trainers like running shoes is the perfect pair of casual footwear that will look great with your workout attire. These are the best footwear style for the guys who keep up an active lifestyle. In addition, the best way to avoid injury is to wear a set of comfortable trainers


These men's sneakers will ensure that your feet feel supported from morning until night. There is no better feeling than rocking comfortable trainers. These are the perfect style of men's sneakers to wear when you need them most. 


The best thing about investing in a pair of these men's sneakers is that they are super comfortable and wearable. Activewear is now a popular clothing trend, which means you can get away with wearing casual gym clothes as your daily look. 


That is why a pair of trainers are a must-have for every active guy in New Zealand! You will feel comfortable and supported all day long.


Style 4 – Boat 


Treat yourself to a pair of men's casual boat shoes this season. These kicks are super stylish and can get paired with every outfit. In addition, these men's shoes tend to be a popular style of footwear to wear during the warmer months of the year. 


We love to style these kicks with a pair of chino shorts and a loose-fitted t-shirt. This outfit is perfect for a daytime event or spending the day shopping. However, if you have a special event at night, we know the best way to style these men's boat shoes. This comes in brown or tan and blue colours.


All you have to do is throw on a pair of denim shorts, a button-up shirt, and accessories with jewellery, sunglasses, or a hat. These relaxed style kicks are perfect for nighttime occasions during the warmer weather, thanks to the level of breathability you can find in these casual shoes. You will love wearing casual boat shoes from morning until night!


Style 5 – High tops 


Are you looking for a pair of fun and trendy wide-fit casual shoes? If yes, look no further than a pair of high-tops men's shoes. These men's shoes are the definition of laidback and stylish, so you will never have to worry about cramping your style when you wear a pair of high tops men's shoes. 


These wide-fit casual shoes take inspiration from professional basketball players. They used to wear high-tops men's shoes on the court because they provided lots of support and comfort whilst playing basketball. 


Many professional basketball players are now creating their versions of high-tops men's shoes, gaining popularity within the fashion world. High-tops men's shoes are the perfect style of casual shoes to wear with your laidback outfits, such as tracksuit pants and an oversized hoodie. 


The best thing about these everyday essential casual shoes is that you can also dress them up. High-tops men's shoes look classy when paired with some denim jeans, a bomber jacket, and a fitted t-shirt. You will fall in love with these men's casual shoes in no time!


Do you like what you see?


If our men's casual shoes have ticked all the right boxes, then that is your sign to invest in these shoes ASAP! There are plenty of styles available on the Spendless Shoes New Zealand website. Head there today to find out more!