How to Style Our Most Popular Women's Casual Shoes

Do you sometimes stare at yourself in the mirror and feel that something's not clicking with what you're wearing?

You feel unsatisfied with how you styled your shoes and want to know how to improve them. You learn techniques from magazines or fashion websites that you pore over for hours. 

It's in practising and experimenting with different women's casual footwear and clothing combinations that you discover the one you're comfortable with and feel confident wearing most of the time.

The most critical thing is that your style should reflect who you are, whether you're going to the gym, attending a wedding, or running errands. You can admire how others carry their looks and get inspiration from how they match their footwear, but you should find one that fits you best.

And to help you discover the different ways to style Spendless New Zealand women's casual shoes, the Spendless NZ team has gathered everything you need to know. Find which one calls out to you the most.

Style 1—Sneakers

Sneakers are women's casual footwear in almost everyone's closets. They are a staple all year because they are stylish, comfortable, and versatile. These women's footwear offers support for the feet, especially when you will be on your feet most of the time and doing more physical activities.

Spendless NZ has three kinds of sneakers: walking, trainers, and sports luxe. Choose among the three women's casual footwear styles based on which activity you'd use them most for.

Before we go through the different ways you can style sneakers, you must remember some styling rules:

  • Always leave space between your clothes and these shoes to show some skin. Your jeans, dress, or joggers should hit 1-2 inches above the ankle bone.
  • Wear invisible socks with sneakers. Only wear visible ones when using these shoes for sports and working out.

When styling sneaks, you want people to think that you did not put too much effort into your outfit but still look camera-ready. One combination you can pull from your closet is a crew-neck sweater and ripped boyfriend jeans. 

Complete the off-duty ensemble with Spendless NZ's natural-coloured sports luxe women's casual footwear. These canvas sneaks have thin, supportive soles and are breathable and comfortable, making them ideal for all seasons.

Try a relaxed look with these women's footwear, which you can wear during a road trip with friends: a denim overall dress and a white round-neck shirt. Head to the gym in class in an activewear set and any Spendless NZ trainers. 

Style 2—Sandals

While you can wear sneakers all year, sandals are ideal for warmer months with their open-toe style. These women's casual footwear should rest during the colder seasons unless you're willing to freeze your toes and feet.

If you're into straps, whether front, mid, back, or combination, you'd love to have sandals in your closet. No one wants that wet, icky feeling. These women's footwear has breathability that keeps your feet fresh and sweat-free all day.

Spendless NZ has four sandal categories for women: comfort sandals, slides, thong sandals, and rubber thongs. Here are some ways to style these different women's casual footwear:

  • Create an ideal day-to-night outfit by wearing blue or black denim jeans, a white button-down shirt or round-neck T-shirt, and a pair of tan Spendless NZ sandals with wedge heels. 

You'll love to own these online-exclusive women's footwear because of their unique toe bands made of raffia material. The sandals have a round buckle on the ankle strap to keep them secure on your feet.

  • Wear your favourite dress with gold Spendless NZ slide sandals for a more feminine look. These women's footwear features a unique contrasting strap that wraps around the big toe until the midfoot.
  • Stay chic while doing errands in your leggings, an oversized shirt, and a flat black gladiator sandal from Spendless NZ. 

This women's footwear has an adjustable square buckle on the ankle strap, three horizontal top straps, and a thick sole. Put your hair in a bun, and you're all set!

Style 3—Flats

Invest in "transeasonal" women's casual footwear you can wear all year. While flats won't add the centimetres you crave, these women's footwear will bring comfort. Gone are the days when heels reign supreme in the workplace, for you can now wear these women's footwear at the office, ensuring you fulfil your tasks comfortably.

Spendless NZ has two categories for flats: loafers and ballet flats. Choosing either is an excellent addition to your wardrobe, especially if you're trimming down and building a capsule wardrobe.

There used to be times when people shouldn't see you wearing visible socks with any of these women's footwear, but times have changed. Wearing socks with loafers is now a favourite thing. Try this look and elevate your style with these women's footwear.

One way to wear this sock-loafer combo at work is with a dress. Wear a black monochromatic look for work—a turtleneck sweater dress, socks, and Spendless NZ chunky patent leather loafers. 

This women's footwear is an online exclusive that will have your colleagues green with envy. Use large accessories, like a necklace with a big pendant, as an accent.

Dress pants are an option since they fit well with loafers. Leave space between the hem and the tip of these women's footwear to expose some skin. As they say, the rules for styling loafers are the same as those for styling sneakers, only more formal.

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