How to Style These Sell-Out Spendless NZ Men's Boots!

You know winter is coming when everyone is scrambling to dig into their closets to check if their women's and men's boots are still okay. If yes, lucky you; if not, go to Spendless New Zealand to get your hands on one of the sell-out styles.

Since Spendless NZ has boots for both women and men, we will also pick two styles from each and help you style them. As trendy as these shoes already are, you must find the best ways to bring out their gorgeous designs.

Some might think that since it’s winter and everyone’s wearing the same thick jackets and clothes to keep them warm, they don’t have to bother with good styling. However, the way you present yourself is essential, and impressions last. 

You don’t need to spend beyond your means to find the best styles for your boots because you’ll be surprised at what your closet holds. Most of our outfit suggestions come from mixing and matching clothes already in your wardrobe.

So, if you’re set on making the winter season your best in fashion yet, allow our Spendless New Zealand team to guide you. We will recommend which boots to wear (even for a more formal occasion) and how to use your existing clothes to match them. Let’s start! 

Women 1—Slip-On Ankle 

In choosing the pair of boots, you must consider several points such as coverage, style, durability, comfort, and even colour! And this sell-out style is something you will love because it ticks many boxes.

For coverage, these boots have a high ankle cut that goes a little higher than your ankles, providing warmth to your entire foot until there.

Its style features a thick, supportive heel, adding a few centimetres to your height without causing unnecessary pain. In addition, the slip-on method makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

The boots use vegan-friendly material that can protect you from the harsh effects of winter, lasting through repetitive use during the season. 

As for colour, this style comes in black or tan, but we highly suggest going for tan to add some brightness to the dull and grey winter season.

Styling these boots is super fun! Let’s start with casual winter by wearing these tan ankle boots with skinny white jeans and a grey V-neck sweater. Then, you can layer with a black trench coat if the weather gets colder.

An outfit for work that might interest you is an olive turtleneck and black leather skinny jeans. Accessorise with a printed scarf and a big bag to carry all your work stuff, and finish the look with your tan ankle boots from Spendless New Zealand. 

Women 2—Pointed Toe Sock 

There’s a limited-edition pair of pointed-toe sock boots that you should grab while they're available. So embrace the cooler months in these mid-height soft, green microsuede shoes. 

Who says you should stick to grey colours when you can brighten up the mood with these green boots?

The side zipper locks you into the shoes, giving you an easy, snug fit. Since these gorgeous boots reach mid-height with thick and broad heels, you will undoubtedly have a comfortable and stylish winter season.

Let’s find complementary clothes that can elevate your style even more. Since these are sock boots, it’s best to wear tight bottoms like black leggings with a green knit tunic. 

Complete the look with chunky jewellery, pulling your hair back in a ponytail. Finally, bring a long, belted cardigan to layer when things get colder.

Look like you stepped off a magazine and went straight to work with a white shift dress over black leggings and these green sock boots, then layered on a beige coat. 

Men 1—Pull-On Ankle 

Men prefer no-fuss shoes, which they can wear from day to night events, and our team has the perfect style for you. Spendless New Zealand has black pull-on ankle boots that combine function with fashion. It’s the shoes you can wear to work straight to dinner.

These are for you if you love the traditional, classic Chelsea boots. From the name, these men's boots do not have fastening when you wear them. 

Instead, pull-on tabs assist you when you put them on, while elastic side gussets expand to accommodate your feet, providing you with a snug, comfortable fit.

This sell-out style has an ankle cut, providing warmth and coverage to your feet until the ankles. In addition, the leather material offers the breathability and durability you need to last through the winter. 

Breathability allows moisture to escape the footwear, an essential feature when feet get wet from hail, snow, or rain.

You can pull off a casual winter look with black pull-on ankle boots by pairing a dark green sweater and white chinos. It’s a simple yet striking look when going out on weekends.

Choose black chinos with a black button-down shirt if you need a look that can take you to work straight to dinner or after-work gatherings. Introduce a tan shirt jacket in contrast to an all-black refined look with boots. 

Men 2—Combat Lace-Up Boots

Add a little ruggedness to your look with combat boots from Spendless New Zealand. Elevate winter with these shoes’ smooth, shiny black finish and contrasting soles. 

Although these boots have laces, you do not need to try tying them because of the functional side zipper that comfortably secures the footwear.

Go for the timeless combination of a leather jacket, a round-neck shirt, jeans, and combat boots. Then, choose regular or slim-fit jeans. 

You can wear these casual boots on relaxed Fridays by replacing the shirt with a button-down collared shirt. Add a beanie to keep your head warm despite the fabulous look you’re wearing. Then, go and shop for men's boots at Spendless NZ.

You Can Join This Trend and Elevate Your Style With Spendless NZ! 

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Hopefully, you will apply all the styling tips you learned here. We have new styles arriving, so check often.