How To Stylishly Wear Mens Sandals

A Mens Guide To Wearing Sandals

Have you come to learn about men's sandals? Don't worry; you're in the right place. At Spendless Shoes, we have a great line-up on offer and plenty to show you. So, let's get to it!

Things to keep in mind

When it comes to picking the right pair of men's sandals, it pays to make your intentions known. Have an idea in mind of what it is that you want your men's sandals for, and where it is that you want to wear them. Save your waterproof reef-walkers for the beach, where they are better suited, and pick something a little shinier and sleek for the office or restaurants. Choose something light and airy for a long day of walking, or pick something durable and sturdy for a more adventurous trek.

Designs and fastenings

The styles of men's sandals you have to choose from at Spendless Shoes vary greatly. With so many on offer, it can be hard to pick the best balance between style and function. Here are some quick little tips for you!

First, let's look at velcro. Where the ever-handy velcro straps on most of our men's sandals are there for convenience and security, it can lose you points from a fashion aspect. Most regular formal shoes with velcro would have it hidden or partially-concealed, so if you want to wear men's sandals somewhere fancy, then keep the velcro to a minimum.


We recommend these for the beach, but these men's sandals will also be great outside or around the house as well. As far as function and design, our thong-style men's sandals are pretty basic. These are easy to slip on and off when you want. The slight cushioning on the bottom sole will keep your feet comfortable and well-protected. Pair these with a t-shirt and shorts for an instant summer style!


These are essential men's sandals in the wardrobe of any guy who needs a versatile style that can make a quick switch from work to weekend. With two signature buckled straps over the bridge of the foot, a grooved grip, and a countered innersole, our Birkenstock-inspired men's sandals have everything you need for long-lasting comfort and effortless style. Jeans, swim-shorts, trousers— these will suit any look. Plus, these come in a slide style that is a fantastic choice if you need to get your men's sandals on or off in a hurry.


These men's sandals have more of a sporty feel than some of their other counterparts, which makes them an ideal pick for everyday casual wear and special occasions alike. You might even use some to dress down a formal feeling outfit. A nice set of chinos and your favourite jacket will pair together with your men's sandals and bring a modern, relaxed look.

Convenient colour options

At Spendless Shoes, we like to keep our colour palette safe and complimentary for our men's sandals. The majority come in brown, black, grey, or navy. As such, they can combine with any wardrobe instantly. These men's sandals are the perfect match for monochromatic, colourful, or neutral outfits, and should help you bring a stylish and understated look.


While it might not be on your top list of requirements, we do have men's sandals in many different materials. For the environment-conscious man, we have synthetic, vegan-friendly materials. Our thongs and other waterproof shoes are PVC materials. And, finally, we also have several leather or leather-lined looks on offer.

Browse the range today!

Spendless Shoes has a fantastic range of men's sandals waiting for you! If you want to get ahead this season and find the best styles for spring and summer, then Spendless is the way to go!