How We Developed Kids' School Shoes Everyone Loves!

Parents and guardians will return to the brand of academic footwear that ticks all the boxes necessary to keep their kids comfortable and happy. 

By providing the best academic footwear for their children, a brand earns the loyalty and support of its regular customers.

Spendless New Zealand gained loyal customers from parents who had the best experience with its various kids' school shoes

The shopping experience is easy, with trained staff skilled in measuring your child's feet and a seamless online process that makes checking out a breeze.

What do you think goes into developing the academic footwear everyone loves?

The team at Spendless NZ will answer that by enumerating the various features that each style adheres to so that it can provide your kid with the best comfort and support they need to get through each day in the classroom. So let's get right into it!

Spendless NZ Keeps its Footwear Comfortable

Developing academic footwear requires understanding what the children do and how the footwear can help accomplish that. 

Your kid will spend an average of 30 hours per week in school, so your kid's school shoes must be appropriate for classroom activities, hallway transitions, and outdoor play with friends. 

So, what constitutes comfortable academic footwear?

1. The Right Fit

You will know if your kid loves their academic footwear if they wear it without complaining. 

Ensure you find the right size for your kid by getting their measurements in the afternoon, when their feet are at their largest size. This way, you can account for the growth when getting their academic footwear.

Take the length and size of each foot separately, leaving a 1 cm gap between the longest toe and the footwear's tip. 

You can also press on the top of the footwear when your child is trying them on, and if the space is approximately the side of the thumb's width, you've got it!

2. Wide Toe Box

Spendless NZ knows the necessity of providing enough space for your child's toes to spread naturally, as it affects their balance and stability. 

Cramped and squeezed toes can harm your kid, causing painful blisters and foot deformities that can last into adulthood.

As such, children need school shoes with toe boxes wide enough for them to wiggle their toes in—usually round or square-toe designs. 

Most, if not all, of the styles available at Spendless NZ, have rounded toes, adhering to this critical requirement.

3. Adjustable

No kid wants their academic footwear to be too tight or loose for them. However, either fit can harm their feet and cause tripping accidents too. As such, academic shoes must have a way to provide adjustability.

Spendless New Zealand came prepared with three kinds of fastenings to cater to your child's skills: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. All three allow your kid to adjust their school shoes as needed.

Touch-fastening straps are the easiest among all because they only require your kid to press two strips of hooks and loops to lock. 

But, unfortunately, it's attached to the school shoes, so parents must replace the footwear once the touch-fastening straps run out of adhesion.

Buckles require more skills than touch-fastening straps because your kid must ensure they can lock the pin in the strap's hole. 

However, the incredible thing about kids' school shoes using this fastener is that they help develop your child's problem-solving and fine motor skills. 

Like the touch-fastening straps, the life of the footwear depends on the buckle. Once it ends its life, you must replace the kids' school shoes.

Laces are fastenings that require a more advanced skill involving tying laces independently. Laces go through two rows of eyelets on the kids' school shoes, which allows them to adjust the fit of the footwear. 

In addition, since laces are the only independent fastening, you can clean or replace them separately from the footwear.

Spendless NZ Has Supportive Footwear

Your child's feet develop until puberty, so the kids' school shoes must provide enough support to ensure nothing derails the development. Support requires providing what they need to do things correctly.

1. Flexible

Spendless NZ understands that your kid needs flexible kids' school shoes that mimic their feet's natural movement when they walk, run, or stand. And since their feet only fold until the balls, the footwear should follow that.

While all the available Spendless NZ styles adhere to that requirement, parents and guardians must still check and confirm. To do this, you must bend the shoes. 

If they go further than the balls of the feet, they are not the right ones for your child. Again, the kids' school shoes should only be flexible until the balls, not further.

2. Firm Heel Counter

A heel counter is essential in any footwear because it provides stability to the foot and longevity to the shoe. 

Check the school shoes at Spendless NZ to see if the heel counters are firm by pressing both sides. If you can flatten it out, it won't give your kid the support they need.

Spendless NZ Is the Authority on Stylish School Shoe Fitting—Shop and Book A Session Now

Self-confidence is integral to any child's academic experience. For example, one of the possible reasons your kid is having trouble wearing kids' school shoes is because they don't like the style. 

Peers can influence your child's taste; if they do not have the "in" shoe, they won't be confident to join the activities.

Thankfully, the available school shoes at Spendless New Zealand are styled and appropriate for uniform requirements. 

For instance, the styles available for girls—mainly Mary Janes and T-Bars—have been around since they emerged and have remained popular.

The kinds for boys are the same whether they are early starters or graduating seniors; double straps, pull-on boots, and lace-up kids' school shoes remain favourites.

And since all these styles are versatile, your child can wear them on weekends for special events. For example, the Mary Janes range looks good with dresses, while our collection of pull-on boots matches well with suits. There are new styles as well, so be sure to check them out.

We encourage you to contrast our brand with your favourite fusion brands that you may purchase from a brands shop. 

What's not to enjoy about Spendless' low prices and a committed customer care team with fit experts working extended hours for the back-to-school season? (Available in selected locations only, so be sure to book ahead.) 

They can also guide you in choosing shoes that work correctly and have the perfect fit for your child.

Spendless NZ Kids School Shoes Support Your Child's Needs!

Spendless NZ developed the kids' school shoes everyone loves by knowing what your child needs and providing the necessary comfort, support, and style to address them. 

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