How You Can Ensure Your Son Will Love His Boys’ School Shoes

Have you ever had stressful mornings when you couldn’t get your son to wear his boys’ school shoes?

If you haven't, you're lucky because that means you have more tranquility and happiness to enjoy. It can spoil your morning, though, if your son throws tantrums about not wanting to wear his boys' school shoes

Some parents even dread that part of the day when they must chase their child to make him wear footwear.

But there might be a reason why your child is acting up regarding his academic footwear. Have you asked?

The best way to ensure your son will love his shoes is to understand why he hates them. Our team at Spendless New Zealand has heard of this story countless times and may know a couple of reasons. 

So let’s start by identifying some!

Why Does My Son Dislike His Footwear?

Your son may dislike his boys’ school shoes for the following reasons.

1. He’s uncomfortable

Dear parents, you must understand that your child will experience growth spurts during his developmental years. It may puzzle you because you were together when he got his academic footwear, which fit perfectly then. 

Your son's academic shoes may have fit right two months ago, but a growth spurt made him uncomfortable wearing them.

2. He doesn’t like the style

Making a child wear footwear he doesn’t want is challenging. Maybe you picked the style for him without his approval, so he resents wearing them. 

He may also find the shoes dull and unappealing. Your child is starting to develop his own taste, which doesn’t agree with yours.

He also doesn't like the trend because of the opinions of his peers. Your son wants to buy a pair of academic footwear that matches the ones his friends and classmates wear. His one makes him feel awkward, so getting him to wear it is difficult.

3. He associates them with his classes

Do you ever notice your child losing all interest and becoming grumpy when vacations are about to end?

Vacations for them are fun times where they can sleep, hang out with friends, and play all day. But unfortunately, they associate academic footwear with work and routine rather than entertainment and relaxation. 

So then, when you mention shopping for academic shoes for your son, he avoids it and probably rolls his eyes.

When shopping day comes, you must drag your child out of the house to get them to the store. Shopping for academic shoes for your son is an outright signal to them that the fun will end.

How Can I Ensure My Child Loves His Kids School Shoes?

Given why your son dislikes his footwear, we can now recommend ways to address and fix each issue. Addressing the root cause will turn your son around and make him appreciate and love his new school shoes from Spendless NZ.

1. Get him the right fit

We mentioned the possibility of a growth spurt, which may be why his academic footwear doesn't fit as well as when you first bought them. It’s best if you check the fit every four weeks. Then, replace them immediately once you notice their toes hitting the footwear tip. 

There shouldn’t be a point at which your son is wearing ill-fitting academic footwear because it can cause deformities and health issues that they can carry into adulthood. In addition, it can be uncomfortable, so they refuse to wear them in the first place.

To ensure you get the right fit, take your child shopping for shoes in the afternoon when their feet are at their largest size to account for the swelling and growth. 

Your child must try the footwear on and walk around the store so he can give immediate feedback.

Choose academic footwear for your son with an expansive toe room, either round or square. It will give your child’s toes enough space to spread for balance and stability. 

You’ll love that most of the boys’ school shoes in the huge range at Spendless NZ have rounded-toe designs. Remember to leave a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the footwear’s tip.

2. Involve him in shopping

It’s best to ask your child what he wants and to listen to his feedback and opinion. If you think his chosen footwear has all the essential features, give it to him. 

He will love and cherish them and will likely look forward to wearing them daily. In addition, wearing the academic shoes that he wants will boost his confidence to join in more activities in the classroom and playground.

However, if you find that his chosen style will not provide the support and comfort he needs as his feet develop, this is the best time to teach him about compromise. 

Open communication will help him understand how one kind of boy's school shoes may be excellent for another but not for him. Everyone’s feet are unique with different needs, so his footwear must differ from that of his classmate. 

Of course, you’re doing this with the best intentions.

3. Make him look forward to the end of vacation

Your son associates the end of vacation with something bland, stiff, and rigid. What if you turned his view around so he'd have a positive outlook every time the academic year starts?

Start with shopping for academic shoes. Next, make the activity something fun and memorable that he’ll look forward to each year. Then, set it up as a game of treasure hunting where he has a list of everything he must find. 

He must ensure the academic shoes tick all the boxes and follow uniform requirements. At the end of the activity, please give him a prize such as a movie date or ice cream and treats.

Make your son feel that shopping for school shoes is a fun bonding activity you’ll do with him every year.

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