How You Can Make The Most Of Your Child’s School Shoes!

Do you want to get the most out of your boys’ school shoes this year? Well then, Spendless has got some advice that you’ll want to hear! We can tell you how to make your boys’ school shoes last for longer and tell you how to get more use out of them. Let’s begin, shall we? 


First, buy boys’ school shoes that are a bit bigger

This is a handy trick that parents have been using for decades, but there is an art to pulling it off. The ideal distance between the end of your child’s longest toes and the end of their boys’ school shoes is about a centimetre. When the gap stretches beyond a centimetre, your child can trip, get blisters, or crease and wear down their new style. With this in mind, if you want to buy boys’ school shoes that your kids can grow into, then we recommend picking up some innersoles from our accessories range. These help pad out the style and support feet at the same time. You have the option of full-length innersole or half-sized inserts, so make your choice based on how much room they need to fill in your boys’ school shoes. 


Second, keep them in good condition


Spendless styles have excellent endurance already, but the best way to extend the life of your child’s new pair is to maintain the material. We have two handy products to use on your boys’ school shoes: Dubbin and the Instant Shine Sponge. The Instant Shine Sponge is a little handheld cleaner that takes seconds to use. When your boys’ school shoes get dirty, dusty, or otherwise messed up, scrub them off with this sponge. Then, you can use Dubbin to clean, waterproof, and condition leather and leather-look footwear. We recommend using Dubbin on your freshly-cleaned boys’ school shoes after using the Instant Shine Sponge. By keeping the material in top condition, you almost guarantee that your children can wear their set until they outgrow them! 


Third, buy a decent pair of sneakers that can have fun during the holidays too!


The beauty of buying trainers as boys’ school shoes is the fact that you sort your child’s activewear at the same time. No one really needs more than one pair of trainers in the wardrobe anyway, unless they’re worried the older pair is falling apart. Get your little one some of our hard-wearing sneakers to wear as boys’ school shoes, and they’ll be able to make the most of them. During the week, the trainers can take on PE lessons, sports practices, and games or competitions on the weekends. Then, when it’s time for holidays, trips, and other adventures, active boys’ school shoes can come out to play as well! At Spendless, our top picks are all-white and all-black sneakers that will suit any dress code. Still, we’ve got a whole host of vibrant trainers in colours like orange, blue, green, yellow, and red too! 


Would your child prefer even more colourful sneakers to wear to PE class? 


Our Licensed styles make excellent boys’ school shoes! These stylish little sneakers feature all of your favourite characters like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and a few friends from Paw Patrol. These boys’ school shoes are so cute that your little ones will want to wear them all the time. And, unlike regular uniform styles, there’s no reason that they can’t! Instead of buying a pair of casual sneakers and a set of sporty boys’ school shoes, you can buy a style that works as both. You have to admit that that’s pretty great! 


Do you feel ready to buy new boys’ school shoes now? 


If so, you know where to go! Start browsing around on the Spendless website, where you’ll spend less on boys’ school shoes.