How You Can Wear Stilettos Daily!

Your Guide To Wearing Stilettos 


Do you want stilettos that can rule your look on a daily basis? Spendless Shoes has the styles of your dreams! Our high heels are ideal for casual wear, formal events, and everything in between! Read on and get our top four tips for taking stilettos out all day and every day!


1) Pick the proper day to wear your stilettos


No matter how comfortable and confident that your gorgeous high heels make you feel, most ladies would struggle to spend more than a few hours wearing them, let alone for an entire day. If you want to be able to have tall stilettos on from dawn until dusk, then choose the most pragmatic circumstances to do it!


For instance, if you’re an office worker who knows that you will be seated behind a desk for most of the day, then wearing big stilettos shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you have time to let your feet rest and recuperate for a moment, everything should go smoothly. This same formula works for dinner parties or venues with seating provided! By wearing stilettos in a controlled environment, you will ensure that there are no nasty surprises the next time you take them out for a spin.


2) Consider adding kitten heels to your list of must-have stilettos!


They have the same slim point and are just as lovely as other high heels, but they dodge the added pressure of a steep incline. As such, they can provide superior comfort and support for your feet. Now, which of these low stilettos should you be bringing into your collection?


Our first suggestion is a set of sling-backs. These vintage-made-new shoes come in an array of eye-catching colours that will instantly brighten up your look. Secondly, our glossy patent or microsuede classic can complement any outfit flawlessly, be it in block colours or vivacious prints. For stilettos you can wear all day long, we’ll always recommend a pair of beautiful low kitten heels.


3) Don’t forget about platform stilettos!


Before you start picturing block heels or wedges, take a breath! Our platform stilettos look just like regular ones, apart from an added layer under the balls of your feet. Of course, that placement is exactly why they’re such an excellent option for extended wear.


The weakness of stilettos is that the higher the heel, the more pressure is forced down onto that single point. But, with a thicker layer under the tip of your feet, platform stilettos help offset and equalize the placement of body weight. In short, you get to enjoy better support and should last longer walking, standing, dancing, and doing whatever else.


Additionally, you’ll look hot and trendy in stilettos like these! Beyond the obvious perks of a lift to your height and extra shaping for your legs, shoes with platforms are dominating the fashion scene in 2019.  


4) Sneak some foot care accessories into your stilettos to safeguard against regular aches and pains.


There’s no reason not to indulge yourself with a soft full-footed fabric innersole or a gooey and shock absorbing gel cushion! Our inserts are customizable to your sizing, effortlessly improve your experience wearing stilettos, and are hard for people to spot while you have them on. Even in the most open shoes, our gel cushions are almost invisible under your feet.


Since they’re small and lightweight, it’s easy to fit a pair into a bag so that you’re always prepared for sore feet emergencies. Will you be adding comfort accessories into your cart the next time you buy stilettos?


Are you ready to start shopping?


Check out stilettos from Spendless Shoes and you’ll find the perfect pair at an affordable price!