Is Your Little One Hard on His Feet? These Spendless Boys' School Shoes Will Stand Up to the Challenge

Have you ever gone through a record number of school shoes because your son is hard on his feet?

We can imagine the frustration and exhaustion of repeatedly shopping as their old academic footwear keeps giving up. However, the answer to your problem is right here. 

The school shoes from Spendless New Zealand use materials capable of withstanding so much—the harsh weather of New Zealand and your child's active lifestyle.

Choosing to get any of the available styles will save you from several more shopping trips. This time, the only reason you must replace their school shoes involves them outgrowing their footwear. 

Your son will have growth spurts, so expect quite a few shopping excursions down the line, but never again because the footwear gave up and broke down.

Durability and comfort are essential features in the Spendless NZ boys' school shoes. Not only will this footwear ensure your child remains pain-free, but it will also last longer. 

We don't want school shoes breaking down in the middle of the day because your son played extra hard with friends today.

If you're ready to discover the styles to guide your child through his classes and play dates, read the rundown that the Spendless NZ team gathered.

1. Pull-On Ankle Boots

Get your child a pair of pull-on ankle boots. These school shoes cover the entire foot until the ankles. The boots provide supreme comfort with elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate your son's feet and provide a snug fit.

Even if your son spends hours running in the playground, these will stay tough and keep him steady. The footwear does the following to ensure your child has no distractions:

  • The leather material provides durability and breathability.
  • The sole provides traction.
  • The coverage prevents pebbles or stones from entering and hurting his feet.

And while your son gets the best academic experience, you get your money's worth because these can double as weekend footwear for special formal events.

2. Dress Shoe

Treat your boy like a man with a dress shoe from Spendless New Zealand. These school shoes also feature an elongated square toe, laces, and a timeless look that suits them for formal events. 

The square toe will provide enough space for your son's toes to spread naturally, which is good for his balance and foot health. In addition, shoes with wide toe boxes are better than those that squeeze their toes and cause blisters and other deformities.

Why don't you give these a try? They look so good that you, the parent, can wear them for corporate wear! While this footwear is more appropriate for older students, we guarantee it offers durability that can last your son through various academic functions and formals.

3. Lace-Up

Your son needs to loosen or tighten his footwear depending on his activities. Lace-ups give your son an adjustable, comfortable fit thanks to the lace fastening. 

You have the peace of mind that your child is safe while running in the playground because the laces ensure the shoes stay in place.

This classic-looking footwear has durable treads that provide traction as they rush from one classroom to another, promising to protect them as they move. The rounded toe and glossy leather finish all add to the footwear's overall positive rating. 

More importantly, the leather makes these durable and breathable, so they will last a long time and be comfortable.

4. Double Straps

Your little one will appreciate the ease of using the double-strap school shoes. The footwear uses two touch-fastening straps that lock with each other when pressed. 

But never think these will break easily because of this fastening. On the contrary, sporty students will love the adjustable fit and supportive soles, ready to absorb all their activities in the classroom and playground.

These shoes are up for the challenge of boisterous and hard-on-their-feet little kids. 

The only times you must replace the double strap shoe are (1) when their feet have outgrown the footwear and (2) when the adhesion of the nylon strips ran out—there's a limit on how many times you can open or close this footwear.

5. Trainers

The best brands (like Nike and Adidas) may be expensive and don't always last the longest. Can you afford to buy a new pair of shoes for them when the ones they have now wear out from school and play? Remember that kids are constantly moving around!

Trainers are perfect for whatever your child puts them through. They are durable and can withstand rigorous activities like jumping, stomping, and running. These are ideal for afternoon sports or physical education (PE), which have more strenuous activities.

This huge range of footwear has features that will benefit your active boy:

  • Grooved soles for grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Ankle padding for support and comfort.
  • Elasticised straps and a single touch-fastening top band secure the kids' school shoes.
  • Fabulous designs and bright contrasting colours for style.

6. Summer Sandals

Your son will love the summer sandal, which is perfect for classes in the warmer months. This range of school shoes has covered toes and half-enclosed designs that will allow air to circulate inside. An entryway for air and moisture to escape will ensure your child's feet remain fresh all day.

Don't let the appearance of these kids' shoes deceive you. They are strong, have spongy innersoles, and have good traction to ensure your child's comfortable and supportive school experience. 

Please encourage your child to use these Spendless New Zealand sandals outdoors, where he can play and run around without inhibitions. 

As for you, dear parent, you need not worry about these new kids' shoes breaking down soon. It'll be around to keep your child's feet protected for as long as he doesn't outgrow them first!

Ensure Your Son Has Durable Kids' School Shoes from Spendless New Zealand!

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