Is Your Son Tough on His Boys School Shoes? Try These Durable Styles!

Finding the right pair of boy’s school shoes can be a challenge even at the best of times. That is why the team here at the top online shopping store, Spendless Shoes New Zealand, have got all of your needs sorted. So if your son is rough with his footwear or not getting much wear out of them at all, then you are in the right place. 


We know that every child is different when finding the perfect set of boys’ school shoes. Therefore, our range of boys’ school shoes is sure to cater to every individual’s requirement. 


Every parent in New Zealand will benefit from our recommendations of what styles of kicks to get for your son. We all know how adventurous those little guys can be. So, if you are keen to get your hands on a new pair of boy’s school shoes for your son to start the new year, then keep on reading! 


Style 1 – Boots


Check out our range of boots! These are the perfect set of boys’ school shoes for every child to enjoy. 


Boots are the perfect set of boys’ school shoes to wear during the cooler months of the year. In addition, you will find that these black school shoes are one of the most protective kicks you will find for the winter seasons. Our range of boy’s school shoes features footwear designed to protect your child’s feet and keep them comfortable from morning until night. 


Boots have a high-cut design that ensures that no water or mud seeps into the footwear and turns your son’s feet and socks into a soggy mess. These school shoes for gender boys also offer a thick and supportive sole, with a pull-tab at the back for extra assistance when putting these on. 


Your son will love how simple these boots are to wear. They will want to wear them every day of the week thanks to their level of comfort and style. 


Style 2 – Lace-ups 


Say hello to one of our favourite classics! That’s right; we are talking about our range of lace-up boys’ school shoes. These are the must-have kicks for every little man each year. In addition, these kicks tend to last for more than a year, which is beneficial if you have a budget. 


Lace-up boy’s school shoes are the perfect pair of kicks to invest in. They are comfortable, stylish, and fit with the uniform criteria. The best thing about these boys’ school shoes is that they are unisex. So, if you have a son and daughter, they can easily share these boys’ school shoes if need be. 


Lace-ups offer a thick and comfortable sole, with sturdy outer material and easy lace-up fastening. The features you find in a pair of these high school shoes are second to none. You will love what these can do for your son! 


Style 3 – Trainers


Do you have an active son? Does he love to play sports all day long? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are in the right place. However, we know that finding footwear for active children can be more difficult than usual. That is why we recommend investing in a set of trainers. 


If your son’s educations system allows it, you can get him a pair of all-black or all-white trainers. These are the type of boy’s school shoes you would need for an active child. Trainers feel comfortable and supportive on the base of their son’s feet. In addition, these boys’ school shoes offer thick soles with cushioning in all the right places. 


Trainers fasten up with laces and offer a pull-tab at the back for extra assistance. These are the boy’s school shoes that will be perfect for a physical education class. The best thing about these pairs is that your son can wear them after hours as well. 


Whether a play date with friends or an afternoon workout, your son will feel great in these kids school shoes. Find a store that offers many benefits for you, like Spendless NZ menu shop. Enjoy amazing rewards from us! 


Style 4 – Touch-fastening


Get your hands on a set of touch-fastening boys’ school shoes! These are the perfect set of kicks to invest in if your son hates tying up his laces in the morning. 


Some children may not be at the stage of knowing how to tie laces yet, either. So, our range of touch-fastening boys’ school shoes will be the perfect option for you. These boy’s school shoes feature a thick sole that is supportive of your son’s feet. 


There will be two touch-fastening straps across the top of the footwear to fasten and keep your son’s feet secure throughout the day of learning and play. You will both love how comfy these high demand boys’ school shoes are! 




When parents go shopping for a new pair of boy’s school shoes, they can often forget to invest in a set of accessories for the footwear. You will find that these new styles ​of accessories are a must-have in every wardrobe, especially if your son is an adventurous child.


To ensure the new set of kicks lasts for as long as possible, you should invest in accessories. We recommend some new innersoles. These are perfect for your son’s feet as they can give him a boost of comfort throughout the day of study and play. We also recommend getting a set of backup laces and socks for your son. 


Whether it is summer or winter, you will find that their socks and laces can get worn out very easily. For example, you might come home one day to your son, who has been splashing around in puddles, and now his laces are ruined. With your backup laces in the cupboard at home, you will be ready to replace them instantly. 


You will never regret investing in accessories for your son’s pair of boy’s school shoes! 


Found what you were looking for a boys school shoes?


We hope our selection of boys’ school shoes have helped you figure out exactly what styles you need in your son’s life. We have something for every little man to enjoy. So head to the Spendless Shoes New Zealand brands shop website today and get your hands on a comfy new set of kicks! Make your first purchase & subscribe. Continue shopping with us!