It’s Boot Season… Check Out These Styles!

It's winter again, and it's time to insulate from the cold. Aside from bringing out the coats and warmers from storage, you give your boots a good once-over to check if they are still in tip-top shape. Are they?


If yes, you're lucky! You only need to clean and apply boot care to restore their former glory. If not, it's time to get acquainted with the various styles of boots available for the whole family. 


Everyone needs to protect themselves from the harsh New Zealand winter. Apart from its unpredictability, the extreme cold and wetness can dampen spirits and affect health.


Lucky for the whole family, not only does Spendless New Zealand have the most stylish boots around, but they also use durable materials to ensure the footwear won't give up in the middle of walking through snow or rain. 


Get to know excellent styles for everyone to add to the shoe closet. Let's start!




Dad needs an excellent pair of boots for men to ensure he gets through his day safe and sound. These shoes will ensure he can come home to the family accident-free, mainly if his work entails exposure to natural elements. 


Demanding environments require boots with safety features. Thankfully, any style he chooses from Spendless NZ will make him look and feel good.

1. Work


Invest in a pair of sturdy work boots to ensure Dad remains protected while doing his job. 


Consider adding Harvest to the shoe closet because these Spendless NZ product sports clever design features such as a functional side zipper, laced upper, padded collar for comfort and support, a shock-absorbing sole, and steel-capped toes. 


More importantly, Dad can wear these boots beyond work and achieve a rugged vibe.


2. Pull-On Leather Boots


Adding pull-on ankle boots is the best option if Dad works in an office. Most workplaces prefer their employees to present a professional vibe, which this style exudes. 


Chance in dark brown is an excellent choice because this Spendless NZ product has a timeless design, glossy leather-look material, stretchy elastic side panels, and a semi-formal feel. 


Dad can head straight to a night out with Mum or his friends after work, looking like a dashing debonair in these versatile boots.




Since Mum balances a hectic schedule, rushing from work to the house and preparing everything for when the rest of the family arrives, she needs to wear women's boots for her safety and well-being this winter. 


Traction and grip are essential, especially if she must run to the grocery after work to buy ingredients for dinner. Like Dad, Mum must wear boots to stay warm and stylish while navigating New Zealand weather conditions.


There are many different types of boots available, including heeled boots, leather boots, lace-up boots, flat boots, and long boots—the same styles that other brands carry. However, our brand boasts low price points without sacrificing the many benefits we mentioned.


Lucky for her, Spendless NZ has a massive range of styles for any outfit. Her options include ankle, long, or knee-high.


1. Platform-Heeled Boots


Staying gorgeous while going through the day's stresses is easy with the help of platform boots. 


With block heels at the back and a platform sole that goes to the front, women will feel like runway fashion models while they rush off to tick off each task on their to-do list. The variety of heel heights will make you look your best in every setting.


Mimic is an excellent choice with features like a square-toe design, shiny outer material for that stylish vibe, and an inner-zip and slip-on design for security and ease of wear. 


2. Cowboy


Has Mum ever fancied wearing stylish cowboy boots? If yes, this is the perfect chance, as Spendless NZ's Shania is available in black, white, or natural. 


These calf-length boots feature a convenient zip on the inner side, a small heel, and a pointed toe. Mum can wear these on dates with Dad or weekend brunches with her friends. The stylish detailing gives major Western vibes!




Parents get worried whenever their children are out of their sight. Whether in school or having a play date with friends, the children must remain steady, safe, and stylish this winter. 


Spendless NZ boots will ensure your children don't get sick with the cold, won't accidentally fall on slippery walkways, and will look presentable when meeting new people for the first time. 


1. Boys


The collection of Spendless NZ boots for boys is such a joy to look at. The shoes are available in five colours black, blue, green, tan, and wheat. Why not wear boots that match Dad? 


The cute mini work boot style will make your son look like a shorter version of Dad. Cody is a pair of ankle boots with cosy padding, grooved soles for grip, smooth material, and a classic lace-up design. 


There's no need to worry if your son cannot tie his laces yet, as these shoes come with a zipper for easy wear. 


2. Girls


The collection of Spendless NZ boots for girls can make adult ladies green with envy. The shoes are so stylish and cute that you'd wish they had bigger versions for the ladies. 


The Spendless NZ collection is available in ten colours: black, blue, gold, leopard, multi, natural, pink, purple, rose gold, and white. If the son is wearing a matching pair with Dad, the daughter should also wear matching boots with Mum! 


Dolly is a pair of cowboy boots featuring a zipper on the inner side for easy wear. The short heel and slightly pointed toes elevate the style factor. 


But the real highlight of these cowboy boots is the metallic stars all over them. Your daughter's excitement about wearing these on your twinning day will overflow!


Caring for Boots During Winter


While there are several steps to maintaining boots to withstand wear and tear, the three most important ones are keeping them clean, ensuring they are dry, and storing them properly. 


Having dirt stuck on everyone's shoes can destroy the material.


Since winter is mostly a wet and cold season, the family's boots will face the natural elements and exposure to rain or snow. Wet boots can cause fungal or bacterial buildup, so ensure you dry them naturally.


Storage is essential to protect the shoes from floating dust. Set aside a shoe closet that can hold boots of different heights. Use boot trees to ensure the shoes maintain their shape.


Spendless NZ Has Boots for the Whole Family!


Every family member may find the right pair of boots at Spendless NZ, with options ranging from a day at school or the office to a foray into the grocery store with a shopping bag!


Ensure everyone stays safe, warm, dry, and steady with the help of Spendless NZ. Head to the nearest retail store or shop for your boots online!


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