Jandals Perfect For All Your Summer Needs!

Are You Looking For The Perfect Summer Shoe? 


At Spendless Shoes, we’re experiencing a jandals take-over! We have slides, flip-flops and beach styles— everything and anything that you could imagine! With the temperature climbing and an increase in demand, we thought we should give you a quick look at our selection of jandals. At Spendless Shoes, we aim to please with our fantastic array of styles and designs!


Keeping things casual


If you plan on soaking up the sunshine at every available moment, then our casual jandals will start you off on the right foot. These are an excellent fit for coffee dates, catch-ups with friends, or for wandering around the shops. You want something slightly more formal than your beach styles, but just as suitable in warmer weather.


For guys, this means a fresh pair of Birkenstock-inspired styles with dual buckled straps, contoured footbeds, and excellent grooved soles. Otherwise, some smooth and airy leather gladiators would work nicely. With these jandals, you’ll be ready to conquer whatever the day brings underfoot!


For the ladies, we have to recommend some trendy slide embellished with diamantes. Glittery and glamorous, these jandals are a fantastic way to dress up your footwear without sacrificing your comfort. Plus, since they officially toe the line into formal wear, our sparkling rhinestone-covered styles can be worn in all sorts of setting and situations!


Having fun the sand and in the surf


There is no better place to chill out in with our jandals than down at the beach. Alright— the poolside is excellent too! Our lightweight PVC jandals are flexible, waterproof, and come in great colours for all ages. They rinse off and sun-dry fast, which makes them hassle-free and effortless style for the whole family.


But where the majority of tripping and foot hazards at home narrow down to pool noodles and toys, wet towels, and half-forgotten pairs of goggles, the extra features on our reef-walker jandals shine down by the shoreline!


Reef-walker jandals


Sharp bits of broken shells, loose rocks, and slippery algae and seaweed is one thing. But factor in the threat of hot-tempered crabs, well-hidden razorfish, or the odd jellyfish washed up on the sand, and you’ll recognise the need for a good sole on your jandals. Sturdy but flexible, our reef-walker jandals have secure fastenings and partially-enclosed designs to help protect your toes in and out of the water.


If you are a family who loves kayaking, sailing, or fishing, our reef-walker jandals also make excellent styles for wear on the boat, given their sturdy but water-resistant design.


Catering to customers of all ages


Kids are the most likely to lose their jandals. They might forget where they left them when heading off to play, leave jandals to be swept away during high tide, or get excited and not realise one shoe is gone until they're back home. Thankfully, Spendless Shoes has taken some extra precautions when designing our range for kids, so you can trust our styles to survive the summer.


Our jandals are bright and colourful. Not only will your kids love the patterns, but this should make them easy to spot on the sand. Our children’s jandals also come with extra elasticised sling-back straps and touch-fastening bands for security.


Shop online to see the whole range!


Getting jandals online at Spendless Shoes is quick and convenient! You can search for slides, sandals, and thongs in all of our main categories. Each of our products has multiple images and views, so you are sure to get a good look at what you’re buying. Plus, we have plenty of information on the materials and sizing for you too! So, what jandals will you be ordering from Spendless Shoes today?