Keep Your White Men’s Sneakers Clean with These Tips!

White sneakers for men are a closet staple. These shoes are everywhere, whether on the streets or online. And since these men’s sneakers are comfortable and versatile, you’ll likely want to wear them as often as possible until they get dirty. 

But, of course, you no longer wish to bring them out of the house once that happens. 

Scuffs, dirt, and stains can transform your sneakers from fresh to dingy. And since you don’t want to waste a good pair of shoes, you’d willingly set aside time for maintenance. 

A little effort goes a long way towards keeping your white shoes clean, so there’s no better time to start. 

If you’re ready to learn more about keeping your white sneakers clean, let’s dive right into it! 

Our team at Spendless New Zealand knows the ins and outs of all things related to shoes. And since cleaning is essential, they know some tricks to share with you. 

Tip 1—Start Maintenance the Day You Buy Them

Please do not wait for your white men’s sneakers to get dirty before you do anything to them. Prevention is better than cure, so help shield the purity of your shoes by using a water and stain protection spray upon unboxing.

Protect your sneakers from water and stains that can ruin their material by coating them with an invisible layer. Check out the available protection spray from Spendless NZ. 

Remember to repeatedly spray weekly to strengthen the shield. It pays to be ready and protected in New Zealand, as extreme weather can damage your shoes.  

Tip 2—Give a Good Wipe Down Every After Wear 

Do not wait for dirt to accumulate before you act. It will be more challenging to remove once it dries on your white trainers. 

As such, you need to take a few minutes when you get home to wipe down the dirt that got on your shoes during the day. Use a clean white cloth all over the sneaker and ensure you get every part.

Tip 3—Set a Specific Time for Cleaning  

Since you’ll be responsible for cleaning your white shoes, you must know the household tools you can use to clean them. With the help of an old toothbrush or any soft brush, scrape off loose and excess dirt from the sneaker. 

It would help to remove these before dampening your shoes because going straight to the cleaning solution can embed the soil into the material. 

After removing the loose dirt, remove the laces and wash them separately. You can clean the laces in two ways: handwashing or tossing them in the washing machine.

Clean your white men’s sneakers with mild soap and warm water. Then, brush the combined solution on your shoes, working in a circular motion. 

Do this step gently, ensuring you get every part of the shoe, especially the hard-to-reach crevices. Next, pat everything with a clean cloth, then leave your white shoes to dry naturally. 

Tip 4—Clean Laces Thoroughly 

As mentioned, remove the laces and clean them separately. Toss the laces inside a lingerie wash bag or pillowcase, then submerge them in a bleach solution for five minutes. 

When the time’s up, combine them with your washing machine load and select a hot white cycle. Alternatively, you can handwash them using regular detergent. 

Tip 5—Invest in a Good Storage 

Leaving your shoes lying around exposes them to floating dust. And once the dust settles on your white sneakers, it can cling to the material. Avoid this scenario by investing in shoe closets or racks. 

Opt for shoe bags if you do not have enough floor or closet space to accommodate storage for your sneakers. You can hang the shoe bags behind the door. 

Tip 6—Always Store Them Dry

When your white men’s sneakers are wet, whether from the natural elements or after you clean them, allow your shoes to dry naturally. Never store wet shoes without drying them first because moisture can breed bacteria and fungi. Plus, it can also cause a foul odour. 

Do not use direct heat sources like the sun or radiators to dry your shoes, as this can crack the material and destroy them. If you want to hasten the drying process, use scrunched-up newspapers and place them inside the shoe. 

This household item has moisture-absorbing capabilities. Change them every few hours to dry faster. 

Tip 7—Erase the Scratches 

Are you like other guys who get irritated when they notice scratches on their white men’s sneakers? 

Since these scratches are more challenging than your average dirt, we recommend using another household item: white nail polish! Ensure you do not apply the polish thickly, making it look like it blends well with the surface. 

Tip 8—Keep Them Smelling Good 

Keeping your white men’s sneakers clean is not just about how they look but also how they smell. If you want to leave a lasting impression on people, ensure they won’t smell you from a kilometre away. 

While smelly sneakers may be unavoidable, especially with constant exposure to changing weather and natural elements, you can stop the odour from worsening. 

Baking soda is another household item you can maximise. Sprinkle it directly inside your sneaker, ensuring you get it in the innermost part by shaking. 

Leave them there to absorb the odour overnight or until the next time you decide to wear your shoes.

Some people dislike baking soda directly on their shoes, so we recommend creating small coffee-filled packets. Tie them with string and place them inside the shoes until the next time you use them. 

If you prefer to leave a pleasant smell, we recommend adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to the coffee packets before placing them inside.

Apply What You Learned! Test Them Out on Your Old, Worn-Out Pair of Adidas Men's Sneakers!

May our tips help you keep your white men’s sneakers clean. But if they are far gone, it’s time to head to the nearest Spendless New Zealand retailer or online store to get new ones!

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