Kid’s School Shoe Styles That Are Big In 2021!

As the term draws to a close and you’ve started doing a little spring cleaning through your children’s school bags, you’ve probably noticed how ratted and tattered your kid's school shoes look. It probably looks like they’ve been put through the wringer!

And so, it's time to hit the shops and pick up a new pair before the new term commences.

Lucky For You Spendless Shoes Have You Covered!


We are your one-stop shop when it comes to childrens shoes. Our collection of primary schools favourites range in popular styles of leather school shoes for children of all ages.

Whether you are shopping for your early schoolers, teenagers for secondary schools, and everyone in between, Spendless can provide new kicks for the whole family no matter the age.

What Are You Waiting For?


Join us as we go through some of our top sellers of kid’s school shoes and will show you some of the biggest styles to hit our shelves!

Your little ones won't be able to say no to these shoes for kids!

Even though we’re focussing on little kids school shoes, that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about your tiny preschool tots! We have a range of suitable kids sneakers for your little boys and girls in a range of colours that feature their favourite characters.

Your little ones won't be able to say no to these kid shoes. Choose from their favourite television characters like Spiderman, Emma, Frozen, or Batman.

However, let's put these sneakers for kids appealing aesthetic aside, these kids fashion kicks will keep your little one's feet secure and comfortable all day long, and the easy to use touch-fastening straps make these sneakers a perfect fit for your little ones.

Every day is fun in these colourful sneakers!

Touch-Fastening Kids School Shoes


On that note, let's take a look at some touch-fastening options for your early school learners. Whether your little ones have just begun their schooling journey or are well into the groove of things, as a parent, you want to make sure your little ones are comfortable and confident in their kid's school shoes.

And with that comes our touch-fastening kid's school shoes. They are an excellent option for children who aren’t confident enough to tie their laces. By purchasing these school shoes for your child with easy fastening straps will make a world of difference to both you and your little ones.

Our touch-fastening styles come in a range of different designs, so you will be sure to find the perfect pair for whatever institution your child attends. If your little one attends a private institution that is quite strict on their uniform policies, then you can't go past our classic touch-fastening kid's school shoe collection.

These upper styles of leather shoe feature a round toe and a smooth, smart appearance. No doubt, these clever black school shoes will undoubtedly meet your institution's strict guidelines.

However, if your child’s institution is a little more lenient on uniforms, then you can't go past our smart touch-fastening runners. Although these shoes for girls aren’t leather uppers, they make up for them in the comfort department.

These sneakers feature a padded heel for additional comfort. In addition, they are flexible and light, giving them the feel of a classic trainer but the intelligent look of a traditional classroom style.

Styles For The Girls


Although all of our girls school shoes are unisex designs, that doesn’t mean we can't have uniquely designed shoes for girls! It’s a classic design that springs to mind when you think of girl shoes for girls, which has to be the classic mary-jane style.

Its adjustable touch-fastening strap makes these girls school shoes  a simple adjustment to get them on and off. Our mary-jane styles feature a smooth glossy finish, a rounded toe, and a slightly padded heel for all-day comfort and perfect fit.

This style is an ever-popular style for little girls, and it’s easy to see why. Our kid's school shoes that feature touch-fastening straps are as easy as A, B, C!

Classic Lace-Ups


Now that we’ve covered the styles of kids school mary janes shoes for your little ones, let's get moving to your pre-teens and teenagers who are most likely thriving more independence, and so, here’s your chance to give it to them!

Give your independent children the option to do shoe shopping for their new kid's school shoes at Spendless. Since they have outgrown touch-fastening styles, let’s look at our classic lace-ups. Our lace-ups are unisex styles that come in leather or synthetic fabric options.

Our classic styles feature a smooth polished finish, rounded toes, a padded collar for additional comfort as well as a sturdy tread that fits properly.

Keep your children looking bright and sharp in their uniforms in our classic lace-up boys school shoes!

Sports Styles


In true girls' and boys fashion, we have a wide range of sporty styles too, whether your child prefers to wear a more sneaker-like style, or it's simply basketball shoe for sports days, and after school sports and activities regardless, Spendless have you covered.

Find the perfect fit in our sporty styles. Their plain appearance makes them the ideal shoe brands of choice for kids walking shoe for school, and in conjunction with their airy and breathable features, make these kicks a perfect fit for all!

What Are You Waiting For?

Tick this one off your to-do list early and jump online and find your new kid's pair of shoes today!

Even though we don’t have any physical stores in New Zealand, don’t hold that against us! Our online store makes the process of shoe-shopping extremely easy. Take advantage of our handy tools and half sizes on our website. Try our easy to use the size guide to find your little one's perfect size.

Or try out our simple filtering system to make online shopping a whole lot easier, filter out a brand, size, price, and colour. Select from our express shipping option, and you will receive your kids perfect fit school shoes even quicker!

Shopping with your children can be a difficult task, so don't keep this job waiting on your to-do list.

Get shopping today so you and your children can enjoy the holidays!